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Adj.1.mesmerised - having your attention fixated as though by a spellmesmerised - having your attention fixated as though by a spell
enchanted - influenced as by charms or incantations
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I would not say that while you were mesmerised by a boy with spiky, vomit-pink hair, I was mesmerised by a girl with pale blonde hair.
A RETIRED businessman has erected a blooming huge flower tower in his back garden - which has "mesmerised" his neighbours.
"I was mesmerised and said to myself: 'I want to play like that.' "As an Arsenal supporter I used to love watching Charlie George as well and, believe it or not, I actually played alongside one of my heroes when Forest took on Valencia in the European Super Cup.
Men are such simple creatures that they're mesmerised by other men running up and down some grass trying to kick a ball into a net.
"Here mesmerised, hundreds of thousands took to the road."
The mesmerised audience loved every minute, as did the smiling orchestra.Yamada carefully gauged accompaniments throughout.
Summary: Hiroshima-born Eitetsu Hayashi, one of the legendary taiko drummers in Japan, mesmerised a large gathering at the National Theatre in the Capital and at the cultural and scientific association in dubai recently.
Air Marshal Khandker who inaugurated the exhibition along with Kumari Shailja, Minister for Tourism, said that he was mesmerised on seeing the artistic creations on display.
Summary: The glittering Royal wedding of Prince William and new wife Kate left America mesmerised, President Barack Obama has told Prince Charles.