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 (mĕz′ə-kärp′, mĕs′-)
The middle, usually fleshy layer of a fruit wall.

mes′o·car′pal adj.


(Botany) the middle layer of the pericarp of a fruit, such as the flesh of a peach


(ˈmɛz əˌkɑrp, ˈmɛs-, ˈmi zə-, -sə-)

the middle layer of pericarp, as the fleshy part of certain fruits.
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Noun1.mesocarp - the middle layer of a pericarpmesocarp - the middle layer of a pericarp  
pericarp, seed vessel - the ripened and variously modified walls of a plant ovary
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Lau HLN, Choo YM, Ma ANandCH Chuah Selective extraction of palm carotene and vitamin E from fresh palm-pressed mesocarp (Elaeis guineensis) using supercritical CO2.
Table 1 Sound absorption coefficient (SAC, [alpha]) comparison between OPT natural fiber, Mesocarp fiber, Arenga Pinnata, paddy fiber and date palm fiber.
Balanites is locally valued in Sudan for its timber, edible fruit (mesocarp), animal feed value, shade and shelter and for several folk medicinal or nutraceutical uses, most notably is the use of the fruit mesocarp as an antidiabetic agent.
The second stage is characterized by slow growth of the mesocarp, cessation of general elongation and lignification of the endocarp.
FIGURE 1: Perianth, epicarp, mesocarp and pyrene (endocarp conjunction with almonds), constituent parts of the fruit of inaja (Attalea maripa (Aubl.
fruticans seed mesocarp is a rich source of dietary polyphenols with a strong antioxidant capacity.
The physical characteristics analyzed were: total fruit weight (MTF); weight of the external mesocarp (MME); number of putamens per fruit (NP); total weight of putamens (MTP); mean weight of putamens (MMP); total pulp weight (MTPL) and average pulp weight (MMPL) - evaluated in grams.
Plant material: Sheets (Ho), bark (Co), Flowers (FI), Pericarp (Pe), Mesocarp (Me), seeds (Se), digested material (Md).