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 (mĕz′ə-găs′trē-əm, mĕs′-)
n. pl. mes·o·gas·tri·a (-trē-ə)
Either of two mesenteries attached to the embryonic stomach that persist in the form of ligaments and the lesser omentum.

mes′o·gas′tric adj.
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(Anatomy) the mesentery supporting the embryonic stomach
ˌmesoˈgastric adj
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Kidneys ascend from the pelvis to the mesogastrium during the seventh week of fetal development and reach their final position by the end of the eighth or ninth week (Taghavi et al., 2016).
[21] The spleen develops as a collection of mesenchymal cells in the dorsal mesogastrium. Some of these cells are contributed by the coelomic epithelium lining the mesogastrium.
She was in good general condition, normotensive, and ruddy, with flaccid abdomen and moderate pain in the mesogastrium and in the pelvis.
Suspensory ligaments of the spleen develop from dorsal mesogastrium, and an impaired fusion of dorsal part of gastric mesentery and dorsal peritoneum during the second month of embryonic development results in a long splenic mesentery.
Caption: Figure 2: Coronal view showing tube-shaped formations (red arrow) extending from the right retrovesical region to the mesogastrium, without any conveyance with the vesical lumen.