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Noun1.message pad - a pad of paper on which messages can be writtenmessage pad - a pad of paper on which messages can be written
pad, pad of paper, tablet - a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge
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In addition, Vice News reported that a message pad, obtained by investigators from Epstein's home, showed Trump had left two phone messages for him in November 2004.
It comprised a small collection of original messages carried by the pigeons together with four specialised message capsules intended to be fastened to the bird's legs; an unused message pad book and a group of related photographs and ephemera belonging to K30556 Francis Luke Brown, of the Royal Navy.
The firm was formed seven years ago as the technology division of Message Pad - which had been trading for nine years before that.
Message Pad, a contact centre specialist, announced on Thursday (27 October) that it has been awarded a contract by the Saffron Walden Herts & Essex Building Society, to provide its hosted system - intelligent Contact, for use in the Society's customer service centre at its head office in Saffron Walden, Essex, UK.
Gerard Stakes), Message Pad (Group 3-placed in Germany) and Rosia Bay, the dam of four-time
CATHOLIC readers by visiting our Web site at and selecting "Message Pad" at the top.
And there's a new generation of mini machines such as the Apple Newton Message Pad and the US Robotics Pilot 5000.
Apple's Newton Message Pad uses its own operating system, which offers connectivity to Macintosh desktop systems.
The Apple Mobile Message System integrates the hardware, software and services necessary to send and wirelessly receive messages with a PCMCIA - equipped Apple PowerBook, Windows-compatible notebook computer or a Newton Message Pad.

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