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(ˌmɛsəˈliːn; ˈmɛsəˌliːn)
(Textiles) a light lustrous twilled-silk fabric
[C20: from French, origin obscure]


(ˌmɛs əˈlin, ˈmɛs əˌlin)

a thin, soft, satin-weave silk, used for dresses, undergarments, etc.
[1905–10; < French, appar. after Messaline Messalina]
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The Gage is a brass automaton created by a wizard of Messaline around the core of a human being.
But, as in the earlier play, there is one notable exception: the Captain [Carranzano]'s allusion to the coup which ended the twins' brief reign in Messaline and forced them into exile ("And then appears the villain, the general who is always on the prowl, / with his treacherous hand on the hilt of his sword").
During the meeting, the programme manager gave an overview of the progress made in 2016, including the inauguration of the Court of First Instance in Sfax 2, the completion of more than 90% of the renovation works at the judicial sites (courts of first instance in Nabeul and Gabes) and penitentiaries (prisons of Messaline and Gabes), launch of the last phases of the electronic archiving of judgments and registers of notaries and support to non-government organisations such as the lawyers' association.
Au cours de la reunion, le responsable du programme a donne un apercu des avancees accomplies en 2016 dont l'inauguration du tribunal de premiere instance de Sfax 2, la realisation de plus de 90% des travaux de renovation des sites judiciaires ( Tribunaux de premiere instance de Nabeul et de Gabes) et penitentiaire (Prisons de Messaline et Gabes), lancement des dernieres phases de l'archivage electronique des jugements et des registres de notaires et l'appui en faveur des organisations non etatiques comme l'Ordre des avocats.
Ainsi, le spleen de Messaline, Neron ou Heliogabale, est resolument baudelairien et moderne (David de Palacio 2005: 5).
We encounter the same refrains in chapter 4 (483-89), where Renee and Maxime realize their incestuous passion in the greenhouse, amid the Caladiums, the Chinese Hibiscus (whose blossoms are equated to "une Messaline geante" [489]), and where they rest under the poisonous "Tanghin de Madagascar."
On voyait les portraits de Messaline, de Theodora, de Marguerite de Bourgogne, de Marie Stuart et de Catherine II" (Flaubert, Novembre 225).
Of Messaline; Sebastian was my father; Such a Sebastian was my brother too; So went he suited to his watery tomb.
Ne soyons pas surpris de ce que l'empereur Claude recoure (si c'est lui qui est la source de Suetone et subsequemment d'Orose) aux phenomenes <<divins>> qui marquent un guerrier impie (en l'occurrence ici les enseignes restant inamovibles et l'aigle romaine se derobant aux ornements); en effet, la meme annee, en 42 donc, il montra sa croyance dans des songes pretendument premonitoires : son epouse Messaline et son affranchi Narcisse avaient reve qu'Appius Silanus attentait a sa vie; Claude en informa le Senat, ajoutant que le presume assassin avait ete execute des sa presence au palais (71).
During a trip to the distant planet of Messaline with Donna and Martha, the Doctor bumps into Jenny, his long-lost daughter played by Georgia Moffett, the real-life daughter of Peter Davison, who played the Gallifreyan's fifth incarnation.
The Time Lord crosses paths with an enigmatic young woman in the midst of an endless war on the distant planet Messaline. Meanwhile, Martha is kidnapped by the Hath.
To a light bossa-nova, they traded off the phrase "My father was of Messaline" until two players wrapped a simple skirt around a third.