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adj. mess·i·er, mess·i·est
a. Disorderly and dirty: a messy bedroom.
b. Given to making messes; not neat or organized: a messy roommate.
2. Exhibiting or demonstrating carelessness: messy reasoning.
3. Unpleasantly difficult to settle or resolve: a messy court case.

mess′i·ly adv.
mess′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.messily - in a messy, untidy mannermessily - in a messy, untidy manner; "Rossi spat very deliberately, and very messily, upon Durieux's party card"
بِقَذاره، بِفَوْضى
karmakarışık şekilde


advunordentlich; they divorced messilyihre Scheidung war eine unerfreuliche Angelegenheit


(mes) noun
a state of disorder or confusion; an untidy, dirty or unpleasant sight or muddle. This room is in a terrible mess!; She looked a mess; The spilt food made a mess on the carpet.
(with with) to meddle, or to have something to do with. She's always messing with the television set.
ˈmessy adjective
dirty. a messy job.
ˈmessily adverb
ˈmessiness noun
ˈmess-up noun
a muddle or state of confusion. There has been a mess-up in the timetable.
make a mess of
1. to make dirty, untidy or confused. The heavy rain has made a real mess of the garden.
2. to do badly. He made a mess of his essay.
3. to spoil or ruin (eg one's life). He made a mess of his life by drinking too much.
mess about/around
1. to behave in a foolish or annoying way. The children were shouting and messing about.
2. to work with no particular plan in a situation that involves mess. I love messing about in the kitchen.
3. (with with) to meddle or interfere with. Who's been messing about with my papers?
4. to upset or put into a state of disorder or confusion. The wind messed her hair about.
mess up
to spoil; to make a mess of. Don't mess the room up!
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Abi tells Lauren she was in love with Steven Cue one almighty Branning sisters catfight, which ends messily.
Fun can be had mixing messily, dolloping with gusto and getting icing all over the place.
The ponderous display tested fans' patience but those who waited around finally had a moment to enjoy in stoppage time when Walker's right wing cross found Kane and he rather messily deflected home.
The author has a good idea about dealing with mental health issues, but it comes across messily, as though added as an afterthought.
It's covered in mould and he sometimes goes on crazy painting sprees and has messily painted parts of the house pink.
Some of Anne's attention-calling initiatives have been too messily flashy, sassy and florid to delight-but this one does.
Yet, equally, it's a statement that undermines the preciousness and prestige of something so messily abundant.
The centreback claimed his second goal of the season by messily shinning in from an inswinging Robert Snodgrass corner.
Of course this reviewer's favorite page and letter were N: "Nancy needs napkins," with a very funny illustration of a newt nurse cracking nuts, while another newt naps, dozing over the Nantucket Times, a third newt eats noodles and a fourth newt messily eats nachos, ignoring napkins, underneath a portrait of a nose, a nest, and a nickel.
Morgan Freeman, above, Lucy Charlton-Almeida, left, and Carter Henderson, inset left, get messily creative, while Reggie Frater is a picture of concentration, below
Gary, now in a relationship with dental nurse Cherylanne McCutcheon, 26, said: "It's all ended rather messily I'm afraid, and "It's all ended rather messily I'm afraid, and that's just so sad .
But the sharp rise in popularity of this asset class has raised concerns of a bubble similar to the one that messily exploded following major investments by Japanese investors in the 1980s.