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The process or technique of synthesizing research results by using various statistical methods to retrieve, select, and combine results from previous separate but related studies.
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Study selection 9 State the process for selecting studies (ie, screening, eligibility, included in systematic review, and, if applicable, included in the meta-analysis).
Electronic database PubMed (between 1966 and June 2015) was searched for systematic reviews and meta-analyses using following search terms: ("garlic" OR "allium sativum" OR "allicin" OR "organosulfur") AND ("cardiovascular" OR "coronary" OR "cholesterol" OR "triglyceride" OR "atherosclerosis" OR "blood pressure" OR "hypertension" OR "blood glucose") AND ("systematic review" OR "meta-analysis"), with no restriction to calendar data and language.
A meta-analysis was conducted on 7 randomized controlled trials (including a total of 790 patients) that examined the effect of omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of dry eye syndrome.
Meta-analysis is a quantitative statistical procedure that synthesizes findings across many studies, overcoming the problems of small samples and diverse outcomes and programs.
Network Meta-analysis (NMA) is a generalization of pairwise meta-analysis that permits multiple comparisons (three or more treatment groups) in a single analysis.
Goldsmith and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis that pooled results of three dozen studies of outpatients with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depression, to search for commonalities and differences in immune system activation.
The authors performed a meta-analysis to investigate garlic's effect on BP.
It is debatable whether the diagnostic value of the BTA stat test in detecting bladder cancer is superior to urine cytology.[sup.11]-[sup.17] To understand the nuances of the BTA test and the urine cytology test in diagnosis, we conducted a systematic review of published findings and used meta-analysis techniques to quantitatively combine results.
Systematic reviews with meta-analysis, a quantitative approach for combining the results of different studies on the same topic [8], are considered by many to be the most important type of evidence for determining the efficacy and effectiveness of various treatments on selected outcomes [9, 10].
Stepping Stones Triple P-Positive Parenting Program for children with disability: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34, 1556-1571.
This research note has four objectives: 1) to present systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis methodologies and argue for their relevance in policy-making; 2) to describe the extent to which these research designs are used by ministerial policy analysts; 3) define the socio-professional profile of those policy analysts; and 4) discuss some implications of our analyses for policy analysts and researchers.