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1. Of or relating to a metacenter.
2. Genetics Having the centromere in the median position so that the arms are of equal length. Used of a chromosome.
A metacentric chromosome.

met′a·cen·tric′i·ty (-sĕn-trĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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(ˌmɛt əˈsɛn trɪk)

(of a chromosome) having the centromere positioned at the center and thereby having the two arms of equal length.
met`a•cen•tric′i•ty (-ˈtrɪs ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.metacentric - of or relating to the metacentermetacentric - of or relating to the metacenter  
ship building, shipbuilding - the construction of ships
2.metacentric - having two equal arms because of the median position of the centromere; "a metacentric chromosome"
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The Oligoryzomys flavescens showed 2n = 64; NA = 66, because the variation in diploid and autosome fundamental number which is related to the acrocentric or metacentric B chromosomes (Sbalqueiro et al., 1991).
Chromosomes were classified as metacentric (m), submetacentric (sm), subtelocentric (st), and acrocentric (a) based on arm ratio [23].
From early diplotene, the Y chromosome is observed as uniformly more condensed than the [X.sub.1]R arm and the [X.sub.2], but there are no differences in condensation between the arms of the metacentric neo-Y.
Bibrachial (metacentric or submetacentric) and monobrachial chromosomes could be identified at metaphase II of individuals with 2n = 46 (Fig.
p, short arm; q, long arm; [micron]m, micrometer; d.e, standard deviation; r, proportion of arms; i.c, centromeric index; d, difference between arms; m, metacentric; sm, submetacentric; t, telocentric; * t, microchromosomes.
Lohi is reported to have 54,XX and 54XY chromosomal complement with three metacentric pairs and 50 sub-acrocentric or acrocentric pairs (Babar et al., 1991).
The diploid chromosome number 2n=60 consisted of 18 metacentric, 30 submetacentric, 2 subtelocentric and 10 acrocentric chromosomes (NF= 110).
Each karyotype consisted of 10 pairs of metacentric and sometimes submetacentric chromosomes.
The alfalfa karyotype consists of one set of homologous chromosomes with a satellite (chromosome 8), four sets of submetacentric chromosomes (chromosome 1-4) and three sets of metacentric chromosomes (chromosomes 5-7).
The number of chromosomes with secondary constriction varied from 1 to 2 in these species, and the chromosomes could be classified as metacentric, submetacentric, or sub-terminal.
Karyological variation within the genus Spilogale (AN = autosomal arm number; M = metacentric; SM = submetacentric; m = minute).