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(used with a sing. verb) The study of the structure and function of nucleotide sequences isolated directly from an environmental sample, especially of a community of microorganisms.

met′a·ge·nom′ic adj.
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And with the advent of metagenomics, techniques that allow all the genetic material in a sample to be sequenced en masse, researchers can do just that.
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Among the advances is a novel, hypothesis-free approach known as clinical metagenomics that promises to dramatically increase the success rate for identifying causative agents of pulmonary infections.
9 January 2018 - California US-based molecular technology company Zymergen has acquired California-based metagenomics research group Radiant Genomics to integrate Radiant's catalogue and discovery technologies with Zymergen's core platform, the company said.
According to the company, the proceeds will be used to progress the Phase 2 study of its oral FimH blocker EB8018 for the treatment of Crohn's disease, the Phase 1b study of the novel immuno-oncology candidate EO2315 in patients with aggressive brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme), pursue the development of the next generation of its proprietary metagenomics drug discovery platform as well as reinforce its leadership in the discovery of new therapeutic leads and targets for microbiome diseases.
In the present study, risk factors associated with existence of Brucella species in soil were investigated by using metagenomics approach.
We submitted a pool of 5 female and 5 male adult V velutina nigrithorax hornets collected in Belgium in November 2016 to a viral metagenomics analysis by next-generation sequencing (detailed methods in online Technical Appendix, https://wwwnc.
The metagenomics approach used in this study proved to be a fast and effective means of quickly identifying the materials in stomachs, including a wide variety of items that could never be identified using traditional approaches," Burt noted.
Metagenomics are now being used to characterise the antimicrobial resistance reservoir of the gut--PCR can be used to target specific genes, or functional metagenomics can be used to find specific plasmids and express in a host strain, or next generation sequencing can be used to align to known resistance genes.
This new scientific platform will also contribute to support the strategic R&D activity of the company on the human skin microbiome in coordination with its metagenomics Expertise Center in Toulouse.
Researchers in biological and medical sciences, but also in such fields as economics and chemical engineering, explore conceptual and methodological tools being developed to deal with new problems arising in metagenomics and other meta-omics.
RondinX technology, including its PTR (Peak-to-Trough) family of algorithms, exclusively licensed from YEDA (the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science), is a proprietary, cloud-based, computational pipeline, integrating raw metagenomics, other omics and patient metadata to derive both static and dynamic strain level insights into the bacterial ecosystem.