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Noun1.metaknowledge - knowledge about knowledgemetaknowledge - knowledge about knowledge    
cognitive content, mental object, content - the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned
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It's like a model on top of a model that acts as a selector, trained using metaknowledge to decide which model is better to deploy.'
Fostering sharing of unshared knowledge by having access to the collaborators' metaknowledge structures.
This is a very powerful form of metaknowledge that is not available to machine-learning ensembles.
This "metaknowledge" (Evans & Foster, 2011) strives to gain knowledge about knowledge to be able to identify the process of scientific production and to define academic gaps as well as future directions for research.
Metaknowledge: A Python Library for Quantitative Sociology of Knowledge and Scientometric Research.
Taumoepeau, "Reading minds: the relation between children's mental state knowledge and their metaknowledge about reading," Child Development, vol.
Under such circumstances, what we propose is to focus our efforts on building metacognition or metaknowledge in the field of ethics (and not only) if we are to achieve our educational goals as they are reshaped by the current security and defense environment.
The maturity of the cognitive mechanisms is revealed in the ability of using metaknowledge.
This vital information may be combined with a metaknowledge system designed for archiving clinical and physiological inductions and other information about tremor and the prescribed trajectory of hand (or leg) movement to be used for Parkinson's disease screening.
One avenue is to exploit such data to provide effective browsing experience to users by detecting relevant information and creating some form of metaknowledge out of the available information.