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Noun1.metal drum - a cylindrical metal container used for shipping or storage of liquidsmetal drum - a cylindrical metal container used for shipping or storage of liquids
vessel - an object used as a container (especially for liquids)
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President Duterte on Friday, banged the 'agong,' an indigenous brass metal drum, to officially mark the inauguration of the newly established Bangsamoro government.
Sponsored by NATHAN Pearson has revolutionised the metal drum re-conditioning business bringing it into the 21st century and can now deliver barrels anywhere in the country, completely tracked and safe, all within 24 hours.
Convert your metal drum into a charcoal oven by punching holes in the lower third of the barrel.
Police say a worker at aHauppauge plant that manufactures nutritional supplements was killed when a metal drum exploded.
The new site will complement the packaging solutions offered by TIME MAUSER to Indian customers from the metal drum manufacturing plant at Pen, Maharashtra.
He said: "My dad was clearing out the shed and garage and was burning some old paperwork in a metal drum and lit a fire but it wasn't burning very well.
TABLE 1: SOLID WASTE STORAGE RECEPTACLES USED IN THE STUDY AREA Storage receptacles Frequency Rank Polythene bags 10(6.01) 7 Uncovered metal drum with without handle 14(8.54) 5 Uncover Plastic drum without handle 1(0.61) 10 Worn out metal bucket 1(0.61) 10 Worn out jerry-can 5(3.05) 9 Paper carton 1(0.61) 10 Sack 5(3.05) 9 Bucket without cover 17(10.4) 3 Covered metal drum without cover 17(10.4) 3 Covered Plastic drum without handle 40(24.4) 2 Bucket with cover 12(7.31) 6 Covered Perforated refuse bin 48(29.3) 1 Traditional basket 0 11 Uncovered perforated waste bin 6(3.66) 8 Covered drums with handle 0 0 Colour coded waste bags 0 0 *Note: This number exceeded the total questionnaire administered because respondents indicated more than one purpose.
Sitting on top of a metal drum and playing her guitar, she first sang her original composition 'Pagbabago Kay Duterte.'
e court heard that police who searched the property found a 40-gallon metal drum in the back garden, which had been used as an incinerator.
There's an art behind the barbecuing: Charcoal or gas-powered store-bought grills are used for convenience, but the island favorite is probably the 55-gallon metal drum (tanke), either standing or cut lengthwise.
With its maddeningly catchy chorus and nagging tune, an album full of Cucurucu-alikes would have guaranteed the former Mercury Prize nominee (as the hang - a kind of metal drum - player in jazz act Portico Quartet) more hits but a possibly shorter shelf-life.
The old metal drum with holes in was packed with wood Arthur had collected from the bombsites, and now all he needed was paper - and he'd forgotten to bring old newspaper to his plot.