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Noun1.metal saw - saw used with one hand for cutting metalmetal saw - saw used with one hand for cutting metal
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting
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The yellow metal saw the significant increase in prices due to the increase in the value of gold in the international market, coupled with an increase in the value of the dollar.
They'd brought a flimsy metal saw for the job, and it broke.
The price of the precious metal saw a slide of at least 13 percent over the same period.
Additionally, by changing blade types and adding either a water or C02 hose, the Straight Flush Saw can act as a masonry or metal saw.
In the yard, they dug up the drum with the victim's body in it, along with the tools allegedly used to decapitate Masinsin - a wood saw, a knife, a hack saw, a metal saw, a pair of sheet shears, a hammer, and a bolo.
The defendant earlier told prosecutors that he tried to behead himself with a metal saw just days before the killing.
(1.) Philp's sculptural coil-built vessels are finely carved both inside and out using Italian plaster worker's tools, industrial metal saw blades, homemade implements and abrasive papers.
Budgie - Breadfan The hoary old denim and leather-wearing Cardiffians' greatest moment, this riff-heavy slice of proto-heavy metal saw the band introduced to a whole new generation when Metallica performed a cover version of it as a B-side in 1988.
To cut the giant ice cubes, the men used a metal saw with a 4-foot blade with jagged teeth 2 inches long.
In the new model, these metal saw blades have been replaced with graphite blades and the artillery shells with ammonium nitrate.