metal screw

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Noun1.metal screw - screw made of metalmetal screw - screw made of metal      
screw - a fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head
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And its first product, launched in September last year, was an implantable titanium metal screw used to fix anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries commonly sustained playing sports such as football, rugby or ski-ing.
Two main problems will occur during the whole process of using metal screw pumps.
And each time, she took a little piece of the camp back home with her: small tin pots, a metal screw, a few shards of glass, even a sign warning visitors against removing any artifacts from the museum's grounds.
Rachel Carr found a metal screw in her hot and spicy pizza
He was seen holding a large piece of wood with a metal screw on the top and allegedly shouted: "The first person to come in that door will be getting this around their head.
The smaller (front) of these two holes is ideally located to place a 1/2-inch number 8 metal screw into the stock wood.
The ZenWatch emulates classic watches by employing a stitched leather strap and a metal clasp along with exposed metal screw heads on its back plate.
Mrs Denby was convinced surgeons had failed to remove a metal screw tet she was told that there was "no evidence of any significant residual metal within the field of surgery".
Pouring hot water over the screw might also free it up, as the hot water expands the metal screw and may loosen it up.
The glass jar has a metal screw top lid and is from lot number 161/11 with a best before date of 10/06/2014.
The drainplug consists of a metal screw surrounded by a rubber gasket.
A BAHRAIN hypermarket has been warned after a party guest, who bit into one of its products, found a metal screw inside.