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n. Slang
A fan of heavy metal music: "metalheads being hoisted aloft and hurled across the arena floor" (Darrell Laurant).


(Music, other) informal a fan of heavy metal music


(ˈmɛt lˌhɛd)
Slang. a fan of heavy metal music.
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Noun1.metalhead - a fan of heavy metal music
buff, devotee, lover, fan - an ardent follower and admirer
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WIN PS500!DAY-2-DAY PUZZLE D22 ^ 1 DnACTOR1 QUESTION 8 Bill & Ted's Excellent , time-travelling caper about two metalhead teens.
To help viewers, they have all been given name badges - which says things like "Metalhead" and "Technophobe" - so we have an idea what they might say at various times.
The endearing stories in the spots Metalhead and All Natural feature a parent and an influencer jumping into the unknown, even if it means getting a little uncomfortable, to show support for the people they love, their family and their community.
"There were all these metalhead boys and then Ciara popped up like an angel.
Author and researcher Paula Rowe, a metalhead herself, interviews metal youth in Australia and the US and deepens the perspective with participant observation at concerts and festivals.
Hills beer,, Rhombus, Fifth Ocean, Ailyak, Malmo Sweden brewing, brewery Golem Poland, White Stork, Wild Beer, Blek Pine, Kazan Artizan, Veritas, Jagerhof, Konrad, Vitosha Tulip and others.
To have a metalhead for a Taiwanese leader (in the person of Freddy Lim of Chthonic), how did it enhance appreciation for your genre and music?
It tells the story of a teenage girl named Leah, who's become a bit of a metalhead after her dad's passing, and her daily struggles with her mother, who's even more devastated by her husband's death, so much so that one fine day she just decided to sell the family home and move into the woods, therefore uprooting Leah.
Filmmaker Monzer Darwish, a Syrian metalhead who decided to document the scene before it disappeared altogether, shot the footage on a DSLR camera and his cellphone in 2013-14, carried the footage with him as a refugee through Algeria, Turkey, Greece, and the Netherlands, and then crowdfunded enough money to get the whole thing edited.
As Mayassi tells the National, being a "metalhead" is more than just making music; it's an entire lifestyle: "The way (we) think is different than other people and they're going to do what they want to do and they're going to express themselves the way they want to express themselves...
After its visit to the ISS, Netflix has finally given us a glimpse into what the series has in store, including the iconic robot which has gone through some major transformations and looks nothing like the chunky old metalhead seen in the original.
While the actress has more than proven herself not just with her previous roles, but also as the metalhead druggie in 'Awe', it remains to be seen if any formal announcement will be made for the same.