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n. Slang
A fan of heavy metal music: "metalheads being hoisted aloft and hurled across the arena floor" (Darrell Laurant).


(Music, other) informal a fan of heavy metal music


(ˈmɛt lˌhɛd)
Slang. a fan of heavy metal music.
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Noun1.metalhead - a fan of heavy metal music
buff, devotee, lover, fan - an ardent follower and admirer
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After its visit to the ISS, Netflix has finally given us a glimpse into what the series has in store, including the iconic robot which has gone through some major transformations and looks nothing like the chunky old metalhead seen in the original.
The cheerful bald-headed metalhead appeared at a metal show in GBN Live House in Mullae-dong, southwestern Seoul, last Saturday, selling copies of his photo zine "Bleeding Kimchi: Soju, Metal, Korea.
There are 34 songs here in all including Solid Ball Of Rock, Altar Of The Gods, Dogs Of War, Unleash The Beast, Metalhead, Dragon's Lair, Witchfinder General, Lionheart, Battalions Of Steel and Demon JAMES WARREN: INNOCENT BYSTANDER (ANGEL AIR) James Warren found fame in 1979 as lead singer with The Korgis, when their single If I Had You made the UK top 20.
Mom Susan (Alicia Silverstone) confiscates all electronic devices so the family can enjoy real face time on their road trip - but dad Frank (Tom Everett Scott) hasn't taken the days off work, while titular wimpy kid Greg (Jason Drucker) and metalhead brother Rodrick (Charlie Wright) are scheming to get to a video game convention.
A self-described metalhead who bangs away on a double-bass drum kit, Cooper's prized possessions include a black toaster signed by Metallica's Lars Ulrich.
US metalhead Corey was named the seventh-greatest metal front man ever by NME magazine.
After all, he is known as the UK's foremost metalhead stand-up comedian.
Late one night, after getting drunk at a concert, metalhead Lesh Tungsten stumbles into bike-riding bohemian Svetlana Allegheny.
O'Neill is described as the UK's foremost metalhead stand-up comedian.
The first film in the franchise, Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure followed a pair of metalhead slackers -- played by Reeves and Alex Winter -- as they travelled through time in a phone booth.
The best in live stand-up comedy featuring four excellent comics from the top of the UK and international comedy circuit - including acclaimed comedian, metalhead and musician O' ' Neill.
But all these trials and tribulations cannot deter a metalhead or a metal musician.