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The study of the structure of metals and alloys, especially by optical and electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction.

met′al·log′ra·pher n.
me·tal′lo·graph′ic (mə-tăl′ə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
me·tal′lo·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Tenders are invited for Procurement of automatic hot compression mounting system for metallographic specimen preparation
A dyeing process was conducted, followed by metallographic analysis.
This fact is due to the dependency of fatigue life on the surface roughness but also to the metallographic analysis of the fracture surface that follows each test, and that requires a surface free from scratches.
Newage Testing Instruments' HMV-G Series is designed for measuring the hardness of small parts and metallic structures used in precision equipment, processed surface layers and metal plating layers, making it an ideal choice for metallographic research and product quality control.
Largest Grain Observed in a Metallographic Section (ALA Grain Size)
The specimens obtained by material-technological modelling were sectioned to prepare metallographic sections.
The conference meets every three years, rotating with other metallographic events, and has transcended the original focus on metals to consider many new materials and technologies as well as new methods in materials research.
This course examines gray and ductile iron structure and properties; how to interpret (read) single and two component phase diagrams and recognize characteristics from microstructures; solidification behaviors and reactions; preparation and analysis of metallographic samples; iron casting defects specifically related to metallurgy; and more.
Individual papers discuss such aspects as quantitative metallographic analysis for metallic materials of a power grid, optimal launch vehicle configuration from existing solid rocket motors using a genetic algorithm, an intelligent management system for police equipment based on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligent systems for wastewater treatment, and the theory and applications of evolutionary game dynamics.
Three tenders for the supply of different manufacturing equipment for the Integrated Technology Education Complex in Fayyoum including (a) laboratory equipment for material testing, (b) metallographic and heat treatment equipment, also (c) metrology equipment.
The UKAS approved laboratory (IPB Mechanical Testing) is equipped for a range of operations appropriate to the customer base including mechanical testing, metallographic analysis and corrosion testing.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The First Iran Metallographic Contest is scheduled to be held in association with Iran Nanotechnology Laboratory Network in the Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy of Amir Kabir University of Technology on May 2-3, 2012.