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1. The science that deals with procedures used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects from metals.
2. The study of metals and their properties in bulk and at the atomic level.

[New Latin metallūrgia, from Greek metallourgos, miner, worker in metals : metallon, a mine, metal + -ourgos, -worker (from ergon, work; see werg- in Indo-European roots).]

met′al·lur′gic, met′al·lur′gi·cal adj.
met′al·lur′gi·cal·ly adv.
met′al·lur′gist n.
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Adj.1.metallurgic - of or relating to metallurgymetallurgic - of or relating to metallurgy; "metallurgical engineer"
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The inaugural ceremony of the workshop would be held at KU Jinnah Auditorium, KIBGE, at 9am and the noted nuclear physicist and metallurgic engineer Dr AQ Khan would be the chief guest on first day.
The inaugural ceremony of the workshop would be held at the Jinnah Auditorium, KIBGE, KU, at 9am and the noted nuclear physicist and metallurgic engineer Dr A Q Khan would be the chief guest on first day while the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi would be the chief guest of the concluding ceremony of the workshop which would be held on Aug 04, 2019 at 4pm.
The to-date owner-operated eMBe Products & Service company was founded in 2007 and produces binder systems for the thermoplastic shaping of sinterable powder materials (ceramic and metallurgic).
It's a product of over 100 years of culinary and metallurgic expertise.
From 1973 to 1977, he was a secretary of the party committee at the Karaganda Metallurgic Works.
For one thing, they have very different chemical and physical properties--melting temperature, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity--and for another thing, there is a metallurgic challenge: during solidification, brittle intermetallic phases are formed in the weld metal, which reduce the strength and durability of the joint hugely.
The property sector, metallurgic industry and textile industry are regarded as the biggest sources of risks.
All these discoveries indicate that crafts and metallurgic activity were intensely practised in given phases of the peopling of the site.'
Hlo#382ek explains that the white colour may be either the result of the proportion of the chemical elements or advanced technologies, as the etching of the metal in organic acid or warming it to a higher temperature."It is the proof of advanced metallurgic technologies that people did not often use and it is unique," Hlo#382ek pointed out, as quoted by TASR.
An additional consideration in RTHA implant selection is component biomaterial properties and metallurgic composition.
Anthropogenically, they come in water from ceramic, glassware, metallurgic products, fertilizers, pesticide, petroleum and other industries.

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