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1. The science that deals with procedures used in extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects from metals.
2. The study of metals and their properties in bulk and at the atomic level.

[New Latin metallūrgia, from Greek metallourgos, miner, worker in metals : metallon, a mine, metal + -ourgos, -worker (from ergon, work; see werg- in Indo-European roots).]

met′al·lur′gic, met′al·lur′gi·cal adj.
met′al·lur′gi·cal·ly adv.
met′al·lur′gist n.
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Adj.1.metallurgical - of or relating to metallurgymetallurgical - of or relating to metallurgy; "metallurgical engineer"
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[ˌmetəˈlɜːdʒɪkəl] ADJmetalúrgico
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They had a little conchological cabinet, and a little metallurgical cabinet, and a little mineralogical cabinet; and the specimens were all arranged and labelled, and the bits of stone and ore looked as though they might have been broken from the parent substances by those tremendously hard instruments their own names; and, to paraphrase the idle legend of Peter Piper, who had never found his way into their nursery, If the greedy little Gradgrinds grasped at more than this, what was it for good gracious goodness' sake, that the greedy little Gradgrinds grasped it!
Phenomenon almost incredible though distinctly seen, what did he then behold but his own metallurgical Louisa, peeping with all her might through a hole in a deal board, and his own mathematical Thomas abasing himself on the ground to catch but a hoof of the graceful equestrian Tyrolean flower-act!
American Resources Corporation announced its organic metallurgical coal production expansion project, following the company's recent financing, that is expected to increase its metallurgical coal production from the company's McCoy Elkhorn Coal complex.
In January- July, production amounted to AZN 411,8 mln has been produced in metallurgical and finished metal production industry in Azerbaijan, APA-Economics reports citing State Statistical Committee.
The drilling program was completed to provide mineralised samples for metallurgical testing from within the Proprietary deposit at the PHGM for metallurgical test work.
The Uzbek Metallurgical Plant (Uzmetkombinat) launched the country's first production of carbon steel wire (wire rod),Trendreports with reference to the press service of the enterprise.
The Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, Assem El Gazzar, and the Minister of Public Enterprise Sector, Hesham Tawfik, witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Metallurgical Holding Company, affiliated to the ministry of public enterprise sector, and the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), affiliated to the ministry of housing, in order to develop a plot of land in New Cairo city on area of 1m sqm.
London/Sydney: Strong cost inflation in the global metallurgical coal sector suggests that miners may focus on cost controls as prices decline from their current high levels over the next 18 months, say Fitch Ratings and CRU.
[USPRwire, Tue Dec 11 2018] Metallurgical Grade Silicon Market Introduction Metallurgical grade silicon is a purified form of silicon with a purity of around 98% or higher.

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