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a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or denoting, any one of a series of compounds of certain metallic elements with organic radicals; as, zinc methyl, sodium ethyl, etc.; now usually organometallic.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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MOF-199, also known as HKUST-1, was firstly synthesized by Chui and coworkers and it consists of a metalorganic framework composed by [Cu.sup.2+] ion and 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxilic acid (BTC) ligand, also known as trimesic acid [17].
As an emerging kind of crystalline material, the metalorganic framework (MOF) built via the assembly of organic ligands as bridges and metal ions as nodes has underwent a rapid development in the last two decades [5-7].
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Gelest, Inc., headquartered in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, is recognized worldwide as an innovator, manufacturer and supplier of commercial and research quantities of silane, silicone and metalorganic materials.
The surface of magnetic nanoparticles were coated and modified by using metalorganic compounds.
Yaghi spoke on "Design of Sequences in Metalorganic Frameworks for clean energy" while Rogers addressed "Green Chemistry and Advanced Materials from Renewable Polymers: Education, Research, and Entrepreneurship to Motivate the Next Generation of Scientists."
(SeeNews) - Jan 7, 2015 -A A Institute of PhysicsA of the Academy of Sciences of theA Czech Republic has started an open tender forA the delivery of aA chamber (scrubber) for theA removal ofA ammonia and metalorganic compoundsA from the output of the gas mixture.
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