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Noun1.metalworks - factory where metal castings are producedmetalworks - factory where metal castings are produced
arsenal, armory, armoury - a place where arms are manufactured
bell foundry - a foundry where bells are cast
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
iron foundry - a foundry where cast iron is produced
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Yet these people were clothed in pleasant fabrics that must at times need renewal, and their sandals, though undecorated, were fairly complex specimens of metalwork.
came a vast explosion in the forward part of the flagship, and a huge piece of metalwork seemed to lift out of her and dump itself into the sea, dropping men and leaving a gap into which a prompt drachenflieger planted a flaring bomb.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 10, 2017-MSC Industrial Supply Acquires DECO Tools to Strengthen Metalworks Portfolio
request for quotation for Supply of support metalworks Lot number 1 supply of support metalworks for the project "Construction of the Orenburg SES-1 installed capacity of 45 MW" for the needs of PJSC "T Plus"; Lot number 2 delivery of support metalworks project .
International Resource News-July 28, 2016--Hyperloop One opens Hyperloop One Metalworks
The PS16 million Metalworks apartment complex on the site of an old rolling mill and foundry has generated a flood of inquiries - with 45 of the 105 apartments already taken.
It was happening again last weekend when the Metalworks development in Warstone Lane was officially launched.
13 May 2014 - US Heritage Metalworks Ltd (HMW) said today it had merged with Scofield Lighting in an attempt to grow the portfolios and the capabilities of both family owned and operated companies.
Sunderland-based TaylorHood Metalworks, which makes architectural metal designs such as sculptures, staircases and canopies, is adding five new jobs to its current workforce to help keep pace with demand for its bespoke work.
Employers and unions in metalworks companies have joined forces to denounce the EU plan to combat climate change, accusing it of threatening jobs.
Merseyside Metalworks has undergone an pounds 875,000 management buyout, including funding from Alliance Fund Managers (AFM) and the Royal Bank of Scotland.
In addition, Metalworks may qualify for up to five years of BIR electric service discounts worth about $44,000, and $79,000 in energy cost rebates through the City's ECSP.