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Attempts so extravagant as these to disfigure or, it might rather be said, to metamorphose the object, render it necessary to take an accurate view of its real nature and form: in order as well to ascertain its true aspect and genuine appearance, as to unmask the disingenuity and expose the fallacy of the counterfeit resemblances which have been so insidiously, as well as industriously, propagated.
"That unless Monsieur de Beaufort can contrive to metamorphose himself into a little bird, I will continue answerable for him."
Three metamorphoses of the spirit do I designate to you: how the spirit becometh a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child.
Three metamorphoses of the spirit have I designated to you: how the spirit became a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child.--
The buildings alone, which were hidden there, had preserved traces of their strange metamorphoses. Every age had left on them its imprint; a bit of architecture with which was bound up the remembrance of some terrible event, some bloody adventure.
We do not intend to describe the grand banquet, at which the royal guests were present, nor the concerts, nor the fairy-like and more than magic transformations and metamorphoses; it will be enough for our purpose to depict the countenance the king assumed, which, from being gay, soon wore a very gloomy, constrained, and irritated expression.
My visitor, who had watched these metamorphoses with a keen eye, smiled, set down the glass upon the table, and then turned and looked upon me with an air of scrutiny.
In fact, prior to his assumption, he said he will metamorphose into a presidential figure,' Gatchalian said.
At Saturday's "Metamorphose" fundraiser, 14 local designers will unveil clothing designed from repurposed lace tablecloths, burlap sacks and other discarded items as part of St.
L'art supreme et invisible de la statue d'ivoire suscitera l'amour fou de son createur, qui a son tour rendra possible le miracle de la metamorphose (29), decrite comme l'avenement bouleversant de la sensation, avec le meme verbe sensit (30) que dans le recit consacre a Vertumne et Pomone; et cest cet avenement meme que nous decrit le Traite du Sublime.
According to the website, his installations enable individiuals "en masse, without their clothing, grouped together (to) metamorphose into a new shape".