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Variant of metamorphic..
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Adj.1.metamorphous - of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks)metamorphous - of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks); "metamorphic stage"; "marble is a metamorphic rock that takes a high polish"
2.metamorphous - produced by metamorphosismetamorphous - produced by metamorphosis; "most insects are metamorphic as witness the stages as a butterfly develops from a caterpillar"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
metamorphic - characterized by metamorphosis or change in physical form or substance
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He thought of it as a metamorphous process to set his writing prowess kicking again.
A dominant planar structural element of rock mass of the deposits Rozna and Olsi is the metamorphous foliation, which is defined, on an approximate scale, by interlaminating of individual lithological units with the layers of gneisses, amphibolites, the intercalated beds of erlans, and crystallic limestones with layers abounding in sulphides.
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