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The third and final excretory organ that develops in a vertebrate embryo. In birds, reptiles, and mammals it replaces the mesonephros as the functional excretory organ and develops into the adult kidney.

[meta- + Greek nephros, kidney.]

met′a·neph′ric (-rĭk) adj.


(Physiology) relating to the metanephros
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Single vaginal ectopic ureter of fetal metanephric duct origin, ipsilateral kidney agenesis, and ipsilateral rudimentary uterine horn of the bicornuate uterus.
The ureteric bud develops from the mesonephric duct during the 5th week of gestation and the elongated stalk of the ureteric bud that is called the metanephric duct later forms the ureter.
Metanephric duct also develops from the mesonephric urinary bladder (in part).