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The third and final excretory organ that develops in a vertebrate embryo. In birds, reptiles, and mammals it replaces the mesonephros as the functional excretory organ and develops into the adult kidney.

[meta- + Greek nephros, kidney.]

met′a·neph′ric (-rĭk) adj.


n, pl -roi (-rɔɪ)
(Zoology) the last-formed posterior part of the embryonic kidney in reptiles, birds, and mammals, which remains functional in the adult. See also pronephros, mesonephros
[C19: New Latin, from meta- + Greek nephros kidney]


(ˌmɛt əˈnɛf rɒs)

n., pl. -roi (-roi).
an embryonic excretory organ of reptiles, birds, and mammals, which develops into the functional kidney.
[1875–80; meta- + Greek nephrós kidney]
met`a•neph′ric, adj.
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In this study, we aimed to explore the effects of CsA on metanephros development in the pregnant BALB/c mice.
As the kidney ascends, the arterial degeneration begins at the cephalad end of the metanephros, the segmental branch to the lower pole is the one most likely to persist as an accessory vessel (Graves 1969).
sup][8] According to him, the developing mesonephros, metanephros, and gonads are supplied by nine pairs of lateral mesonephric arteries arising from the dorsal aorta.
The future kidney that is the metanephros was observed for changes and diameter and epithelial height of proximal tubules was measured at 40X after calibrating ocular micrometer (Figure 1).
1,2) Incomplete migration of the ureteric bud, which also arises from the mesonephric duct, may also occur, resulting in a failure to fuse with the metanephros.
Metanephros organogenesis is highly stimulated by vitamin A derivatives in organ culture.
Homozygous Wtl~l~ mice do not undergo differentiation from pronephros to metanephros and die in utero (Kreidberg et al.