metaphrasis, metaphrase

the practice of making a literal translation from one language into another. Cf. paraphrasis. — metaphrast, n. — metaphrastic, metaphrastical, adj.
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Evans's publications include "Memory as Performance: Fatima Gallaire's Molly des Sables and Rimm la Gazelle," Women in French Studies (2014), "Autobiography as Metaphrasis: Malika Mokeddem's La Transe des insoumis," Life Writing (2013), and the book Tactical Silence in the Novels of Malika Mokeddem (2010).
Another specialist in this genre, Catharine Mee, who writes as CS Mee, won the new Clare Swift Short Story Award for her story, Metaphrasis.
Catharine Mee, seated left, winner of the Clare Swift Award for her story Metaphrasis, with some of Clare's book group friends
The section on "Nonnus and Late Antique Paideia" opens with an article which perhaps would have been better placed in the following section, on "Nonnus and Christianity": in this, Andrew Faulkner compares the translational methods of Nonnus' Paraphrase and the anonymous Metaphrasis of the Psalms.
1) One positing that the task of the translator is to try his best with rendering the source text by a word-for-word translation (Quintilian defined this strategy as metaphrasis).
Caspar d'Ansse de Villoison: accedunt praeter multa hucusque inedita, Philemonis grammatici fragmenta, tertii Iliados libri prosaica metaphrasis graeca ...
The Edge-Hill chapter takes us into Birmingham industry and the implications of simulation (versus imitation), from "Brummagen" manufacture to georgic metaphrasis, or the versification of prose treatises.
Hence, the "that is to say" of the title evokes the necessity and impossibility of translating Cixous' work, the impossibility of a metaphrasis that would parse each Cixousian phrase with a "that is to say." H.
One might compare the archaic technique of metaphrasis, whereby epic hexameters and the like were transposed into different metres and dialect by later poets (cf.
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