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 (mĕt′ə-sō′mə-tĭz′əm) also met·a·so·ma·to·sis (-sō′mə-tō′sĭs)
The process by which the chemical composition of a rock is changed by interaction with fluids; replacement of one mineral by another without melting.

met′a·so·mat′ic (-măt′ĭk) adj.
met′a·so·mat′i·cal·ly adv.


1. (Geological Science) geology relating to metasomatism
2. (Zoology) zoology relating to a metasoma
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and Dietrich, W.F.: 1987, Constitutive mass balance relations between chemical composition, volume, density, porosity and strain in metasomatic hydrothermal systems: Results on weathering pedogenesis.
The magnetite deposits (lenticular and irregular in shape) of metasomatic nature occur in garnet epidote metavolcanosedimentary rocks intruded by granodiorite found close to Karakoram Suture/Shyok Suture.
The sample is characterised by banded baritic lead ore from a metasomatic deposit hosted by limestone; galena grains in dark bands can be recognized with coarse-grained white barite lenses and fine-grained limonitic matrix.
Around the Montepuez Belt, ruby formations seem to have resulted mainly from a metasomatic process, when fluid derived from the parental magma interacted with the host rocks in a low-silica environment.
Na, Ca, Fe and alkalis induced by albitization halos and carbonation are around mineralized structures during metasomatic alterations in the rock wall of black shales.
The corresponding SEM images (Figure 4) confirmed that the hematite ore consisted mainly of scaly, acicular, cryptocrystalline, and metasomatic textures, with a sand consolidation structure (rarely, with an oolitic structure).
Beryl formation appears to be controlled by upthrust faults and fractures that juxtaposed them with Cr-bearing ophiolitic units and a regime of metasomatic reactions.
According to Wikipedia, "Synonyms to the word metasomatism are metasomatose and metasomatic process.
Ga/Mg supported a metasomatic origin for these sapphires.
Though the ascension is a metaempirical event, it does not imply for the ascended Jesus a metasomatic or disincamate state" (59-60).