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Of, relating to, or being an unstable but relatively long-lived state of a chemical or physical system, as of a supersaturated solution or an excited atom.

met′a·sta·bil′i·ty (-stə-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.


(ˌmɛtəˈsteɪbəl) physics
1. (General Physics) (of a body or system) having a state of apparent equilibrium although capable of changing to a more stable state
2. (General Physics) (of an atom, molecule, ion, or atomic nucleus) existing in an excited state with a relatively long lifetime
(General Physics) a metastable atom, ion, molecule, or nucleus
ˌmetastaˈbility n


(ˈmɛt əˌsteɪ bəl, ˌmɛt əˈsteɪ-)

1. Metall. chemically unstable in the absence of certain conditions that would induce stability, but not liable to spontaneous transformation.
2. Physics, Chem. pertaining to a body or system that requires the addition of a small amount of energy to induce a transition to a more stable state at a lower energy level.
met`a•sta•bil′i•ty (-stəˈbɪl ɪ ti) n.


Describes a system which appears to be stable, but which can undergo a rapid change if disturbed.
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Adj.1.metastable - (of physical systems) continuing in its present state of equilibrium unless sufficiently disturbed to pass to a more stable state of equilibrium
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
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Summary: [170 Pages Report] Titanium Alloys Market research report categorizes the global market by Micro Structure (Alpha Alloys, Near Alpha Alloys, Alpha + Beta Alloys, Metastable Beta Alloys), By Grade Type (Grade 5, Grade 23, Grade 12, Grade 6), By End Use (Aerospace & Defence, Power Generation industry, Chemical Processing, Automotive, Marine, Fashion & Apparel, Oil & Gas Processing, Biomedical, Architectural, Sports, Other End Use), & By Region.
The results of this study suggest that before entering cells, albumin primes the virus to form a metastable yet infectious intermediate particle.
"Iran now exports technetium generator (or colloquially a technetium cow or moly cow, a device used to extract the metastable isotope 99mTc of technetium from a source of decaying molybdenum-99) to many countries and if we can produce molybdenum, we will become fully self-sufficient in this area and of course, today we have had many successes in radio medicine production technology," Saqari said.
Sintering helps in recrystallizing the nanostructure and causes a shift from an excited metastable (activated) state into a low-energy crystalline state.
It is possible to predict the main intermetallic phases that are present: FeAl, [Fe.sub.3]Al, Fe[Al.sub.2], [Fe.sub.2][Al.sub.5], Fe[Al.sub.3] and [Fe.sub.2][Al.sub.9] and Fe[Al.sub.6] metastable phases.
found that with rapid pressurization, the metastable structure can be effectively induced from melt in large volume for many kinds of materials, such as pure amorphous PET, nanocrystalline selenium, and metallic glasses [19,20].
UK contribution to EXFEL running costs, we have brought together a team of the leading UK researchers in XFEL and high-pressure science with the aim of combining EXFEL and DiPOLE to make transformative x-ray scattering studies of high energy density solids and liquids and metastable phases.
Polymers, polymorphic substances and many composites and blends have metastable structures that depend on the cooling conditions used in their production.
EndolucinBeta does not contain metastable 177mLu, thus, there is no need of logistics and storage of contaminated radioactive waste.
In general, if these transitions (metastable state) are involved in the continuous flow of mental processes and contribute in the formation of new information, they should be detected under conscious states, reflecting a dynamical view of the coupling behaviour.
Our study predicted the existence of a metastable structure of ODC(I) for the first time in literature.
When the melt cools rapidly, the liquid-phase separation occurs, thus leading to solidification below the liquid metastable miscibility gap.