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A tag in a markup language that contains descriptive information about a webpage and is not displayed as part of the content of the webpage.
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* Keywords (p): number of terms found in the dictionary and present in the keyword metatag on page p.
"Near the top of that code, you will see metatag titles, descriptions and keywords.
Finally, the 2001 form also includes an exclusion for claims arising from the "unauthorized use of another's name or product in the (insured's) email address, domain name or metatag, or any other similar tactics to mislead another's potential customers." Setting aside the question of what online branding might be swept into the exclusion for "similar tactics," the use of trademark terms in metatags in online advertisements is an unsettled area of current law, and one for which underwriters do not want to have to pay the defense costs required to clarify.
Another exclusion applies to personal and advertising injury arising out of the unauthorized use of another's name or product in the named insured's e-mail address, domain name or metatag, or any other similar tactics to mislead another's potential customers.
* Old-school approach: Video search engines such as Truveo incorporate metadata-based keywords and use linking structure that is all manually entered into upload forms or extracted from the metadata of a video file itself during the encoding process and used like any other XML or embedded metatag to sort and categorize video content.
Addressing Online Parallel Imports Resulting from Keyword and Metatag Misuse, 2006 SWAN.
These include noting the placement of keywords in titles and near the top of pages, and "metatag" content words supplied by developers.
In discussing the metatag issue, the Ninth Circuit dispensed with any kind of meaningful analysis and simply cited the Brookfield case to support its conclusion that the use of trademarks in metatags satisfies the prima facie requirements for trademark infringement.
Pay special attention to any metatag and keyword options as these can affect site ranking as well as submitting your site to search engines.
But even if you are the kind of small business owner who doesn't know a blog from a metatag, it is still possible to become a
Se han generado tres motores de busqueda atendiendo a criterios de Metatag:
The identification and development of the metatag structure for the Urban Education Portal were carried out by the UNITE/TEN team.