meted out

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Adj.1.meted out - given out in portionsmeted out - given out in portions    
distributed - spread out or scattered about or divided up
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A more immediate lesson, however, was impressed on the minds of the people by the punishment meted out to the Kansas militia.
Stern justice was meted out by these organized avengers, but most remarkable was their passionless and judicial procedure.
The most important ingredient for getting the world's work along is distributed there under the circumstances of the greatest cruelty meted out to helpless ships.
The place had a far greater interest for us than it could have had if we had known beyond all question who the Iron Mask was, and what his history had been, and why this most unusual punishment had been meted out to him.
"And if you retort that David is naturally a depraved little boy, and so demands harsher measure, I have still my answer, to wit, what is the manner of severity meted out to him at home?
"Well," said the curate, "that and the second, third, and fourth parts all stand in need of a little rhubarb to purge their excess of bile, and they must be cleared of all that stuff about the Castle of Fame and other greater affectations, to which end let them be allowed the over-seas term, and, according as they mend, so shall mercy or justice be meted out to them; and in the mean time, gossip, do you keep them in your house and let no one read them."
Summary: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], May 10 (ANI): Terming withdrawal of the case by PepsiCo as a big win for the farmers of the country, the affected farmers have demanded a 'token' compensation for alleged defamation and damages meted out to them.
Asad Munir passed away on March 15 and left behind a suicide note regarding alleged disrespectful treatment meted out by NAB.
She said under the Geneva Convention and international human rights laws, women have got special protection and no discriminatory treatment could be meted out to them at any level.
The High Court here today upheld the RM70,000 fine meted out by a lower court on a vocational college student who operated a dental service without a licence.
In the letter, he has narrated the injustice meted out to him and his rejection from the team.
"Similar deterrent penalties will be meted out to companies and individuals who employ foreigners without the requisite documentation," he added.