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A stony or metallic mass of matter that has fallen to the earth's surface from outer space.

me′te·or·it′ic (-ə-rĭt′ĭk), me′te·or·it′i·cal adj.


(ˌmiːtɪəˈrɪtɪkəl) or


(Astronomy) obsolete words for meteoritic
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Adj.1.meteoritical - of or relating to or caused by meteoritesmeteoritical - of or relating to or caused by meteorites
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Lijo Jacob, COO said, "Achievers HR Solutions has experienced meteoritical expansion and development over the past years.
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The official name of the meteorite is Qatar 001 as assigned to it by the US-based Meteoritical Society.
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That's not an impossible scenario, says Yuri Amelin of ANU, who will report on the dating work in July at the Meteoritical Society meeting in Edmonton, Canada.
The research has been published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, a bi-weekly journal co-sponsored by two professional societies, the Geochemical Society and the Meteoritical Society.