meteorological conditions

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Noun1.meteorological conditions - the prevailing environmental conditions as they influence the prediction of weathermeteorological conditions - the prevailing environmental conditions as they influence the prediction of weather
environmental condition - the state of the environment
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Palku Nalah at Wazirabad: 3100=Medium HYDRO-METEOROLOGICAL SITUATION according to latest meteorological conditions, most parts of the country are cloudless; however a cloud cell is present over Peshawar division, moving eastward.
Under suitable meteorological conditions, a second smaller vessel will be launched to carry passengers.
The study found that overall, Antarctic snowfall is highly variable and primarily driven by meteorological conditions over the Southern Ocean--which is where the storms that deliver the extreme snow events originate--as well as the flow of marine air into the interior of the continent.
Drazil recommends registering on Slovensky Raj's website and paying close attention to meteorological conditions. There is also a toilet and changing rooms at the Hrabusicke myto information point.
Because of the country's meteorological conditions, which include frequent sandstorms, and a day time night time temperature shift, sophisticated equipment such as navigation aids, which are constantly exposed to the elements, require regular and responsive maintenance services.
The PMD says it monitors the airborne pollens in the capital city all through the year through special devices installed in H-8, E-8, F-10, and G-6 sectors and forecasts the shooting trend of pollens on the basis of the prevailing meteorological conditions and by using statistical techniques.
LEWICE3D is a software solution to predict ice accumulation on 3D aircraft surfaces, given flight and meteorological conditions representing an icing cloud.
However, formation of smog is not dependent solely on the presence or the increase of these pollutants; certain meteorological conditions help these pollutants become suspended in the lower atmosphere which forms a dense, visible layer.
'These projects are designed to observe the maritime, hydrological, meteorological conditions and air qualities and provide such services as maritime warning and forecast, tsunami alert, weather forecast, air quality forecast and disaster prevention and relief,' Lu said.
New Delhi: Delhi's air pollution level dipped slightly on Saturday but remained in the 'very poor' category due to poor dispersion of pollutants and stagnant meteorological conditions, authorities said.
"These meteorological conditions signify that the onset of the northest monsoon season has started," Cayanan said.

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