meteorological conditions

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Noun1.meteorological conditions - the prevailing environmental conditions as they influence the prediction of weathermeteorological conditions - the prevailing environmental conditions as they influence the prediction of weather
environmental condition - the state of the environment
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Due to the bad meteorological conditions and the road conditions in the country at 12 o'clock today, no education sessions are being held in 961 schools, the Ministry of Education and Science announced.
According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia and the Antistikhia Center on February 26, 2013 in Moscow and in the settlements of the Moscow Region, meteorological conditions will not lead to a complication of the ecological situation.
I will add that hydropower and oceanographic energy are two other sources of power with the latter as most reliable as it is independent of meteorological conditions but on an astronomical phenomenon, the Earth's rotation!
Considering the complex terrain and meteorological conditions, the Ministry of Emergency Situations warns that persons who do not have the appropriate equipment, as well as those who have not undergone special training, may endanger their lives", said in the message of the headquarters.
The workshop was aimed to discuss causes of smog formation and meteorological conditions leading to smog formation, mitigation measures for the air pollution problems, make information about air quality available to public and suggest recommendations for improving air quality in Lahore.
With the prevailing meteorological conditions likelihood of rich inflows in Mangla Reservoir is remote.
He said marine economy and management, offshore oil and gas industry, seafaring and marine transportation, rules and standards, health, safety, and environment in marine industry, oceanographic and meteorological conditions, ship design and construction, coastal and offshore facilities, marine renewable energy and new technologies, and human resources are among highlights of the 18th Marine Industries Conference.
Under the influence of these meteorological conditions weather will remain as follows:
The vessel is designed for navigation, manoeuvrability and operation in adverse meteorological conditions, including Unrestricted Navigation notation.
Officials have continually blamed meteorological conditions like high humidity, temperature inversion and low winds, as well as emissions by coal plants and construction work.
These meteorological conditions indicate that the northeast monsoon season has started, he said.

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