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Noun1.meterstick - a rule one meter long (usually marked off in centimeters and millimeters)meterstick - a rule one meter long (usually marked off in centimeters and millimeters)
ruler, rule - measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths
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Cameras were calibrated by placing an object of known length (meterstick) at the approximate center of rotation of the dancer.
Materials: nitrile gloves * 6 sticks of any sugary chewing gum * timer * cup containing 100 ml of ice water * cup containing 100 ml of warm water * thermometer * paper towels * meterstick * paper and pencil
In public, journeymen wear distinctive travelling garb, their trousers sewn with pockets deep enough to hold a folded meterstick or a bottle of beer.
We had barely begun the conversation when someone made the mistake of mentioning "kids constructing their own knowledge." Immediately I heard a shuffling sound and turned my head just in time to avoid being hit by an enflamed colleague swinging a meterstick back and forth with both hands, like a fireman at a three-story blaze, shouting, "And then--look out!
Determining how to use only one meterstick when the students were taller than a meter was the first significant problem that arose during measurement.
A yardstick, meterstick, or some other straightedge is also useful.
Comparing this speed with the observed change in position, the team calculated a distance that they call "the golden meterstick in the glass case."
"He probably doesn't realize that he uses the metric system every day." Jordan just gets angry, slapping a meterstick into his open palm and begging me to point Brown out to him.
newspapers * shoebox * 4 cups flour * 4 cups salt * index card * cinnamon or paprika * different sized marbles * meterstick * ruler
The notion of length, as measured with a meterstick or surveying devices, however, could tell in each case which pair was closer together than the other pair.
In this case, a line of reasoning akin to that used in the meterstick example would commit Kripke to holding that there is something the person would thereby come to know a priori.