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 (mĕth′ăm-fĕt′ə-mēn′, -mĭn)
An amine derivative of amphetamine, C10H15N, used in the form of its crystalline hydrochloride as a central nervous system stimulant, both medically and illicitly.


(Pharmacology) a variety of amphetamine used for its stimulant action
[C20: from meth- + amphetamine]


(ˌmɛθ æmˈfɛt əˌmin, -mɪn)

a central nervous system stimulant, C10H15N, used in treating narcolepsy, hyperkinesia, and for blood pressure maintenance.
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Noun1.methamphetamine - an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride; used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant
amphetamine, pep pill, upper, speed - a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy and decreases appetite; used to treat narcolepsy and some forms of depression
controlled substance - a drug or chemical substance whose possession and use are controlled by law


[ˌmeθæmˈfetəmiːn] Nmetanfetamina f


nMetamphetamin nt

methamphetamine, metamphetamine

(INN) n metanfetamina
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"Cardiovascular disease represents the second-leading cause of death among methamphetamine abusers following only accidental overdose," according to the report published Wednesday in the American Heart Association's journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.
Sizemore pleaded guilty back in January to a one-count indictment charging conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, U.S.
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In its 2019 World Drugs Report released on Wednesday, the UNODC said methamphetamine use is causing a rising concern across several regions as it noted that the quantities of methamphetamine seized in East and Southeast Asia rose more than eightfold between 2007 and 2017.
According to him, the syndicate is specialised in the illegal importation of ephedrine to run methamphetamine laboratory in Nigeria, especially in the Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria.
UNODC released a report, Synthetic Drugs in East and South-East Asia: Trends and Patterns of Amphetamine-type Stimulants and New Psychoactive Substances, on Monday which said there were more than 116 tonnes of confirmed methamphetamine seizures in the region last year.
Between 2016 and 2018, methamphetamine seizures surged in Southeast Asia from around 30,000 kg per year to almost 100,000 kg.
'Data on seizures, prices, use and treatment all point to continuing expansion of the methamphetamine market in East and Southeast Asia,' said Tun Nay Soe, UNODC Inter-regional Programme Coordinator.
South Carolina has not discussed the expertise required to testify about the yield of methamphetamine from pseudoephedrine.
The eight suspects are accused of attempting to smuggle 13.3 kilograms of methamphetamine from Malaysia into South Korea via Incheon International Airport and Gimhae International Airport on five occasions from Dec.
The bottom line is that she stuck with the distinction between "methamphetamine" and "ice," as she was entitled to do.