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Noun1.method of least squares - a method of fitting a curve to data points so as to minimize the sum of the squares of the distances of the points from the curve
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
statistical method, statistical procedure - a method of analyzing or representing statistical data; a procedure for calculating a statistic
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In this case, for the fitting of the models of the study, where different inputs and layers were tested, it was opted for considering [lambda] = 0, i.e., the models were fitted by the usual method of least squares.
The analytical curve obtained through the method of least squares presented the equation y = 0.0685x + 0.004 and a correlation coefficient of 0.9984, indicating the linearity of the method within the concentration limits studied, besides being in accordance with the minimum acceptable criterion of the correlation coefficient (r = 0.990) described in the Guide for the Validation of Analytical Methods (ANVISA--Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency--Resolution no 166, of July 24, 2017) [20].
The annual vertical velocity and its accuracy were determined by the method of least squares. Generalized vertical velocity parameters of permanent stations for the period from 2000 till 2011 are presented in Table 2.
Then, the clutch torque-displacement characteristics in (1) can be expressed with the test data using the method of least squares fit.
The value of [K.sub.n] from the expression (4) is founded at the solution by the method of least squares of the system of equations, developed for the function approximation characterizing the multilayer medium (5), by the method given in [5], taking into account the number of layers of soil and [h.sub.n]=2 x n.
The paper examines the forecast modeling method of Least Squares Method- Weighted Markov Chain to realize the interval prediction of photovoltaic power plant output power.
- modelling the S/[h.sub.c] slope for different loads indentation, P, by linear regression by the method of least squares, to express the inverse of the contact area, 1 /[A.sub.c];
The method of least squares on the boundary was also used in [15] to solve the first Dirichlet problem on rectangle.
assigning to parameter b acceptable values such as b = 1/2, b = 2 or b = -1); this makes it possible to create variants of the model, transformable into linear representations, for which the method of least squares can be useful for estimation (Griffiths, Carter and Judge, 1993).
Method of Least Squares. Let independent data pairs ([x.sub.i], [y.sub.i]), i = 1be observed from the underlying true values ([X.sub.i], [Y.sub.i]), and accept the assumption that only dependent variable [y.sub.i] is affected by measurement error:
The other main part includes explanations to simple linear regression model being in the form of (9) and to the calculation of [[??].sub.0] and [[??].sub.1], estimators of [[beta].sub.0] and [[beta].sub.0], by using the method of least squares. Time scale derivative definition includes normal equations for forward and backward jump operators, as well as [[??].sub.0] and [[??].sub.1] values, which are [[beta].sub.0] and [[beta].sub.1] estimators of forward and backward jump operators.

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