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A folate antagonist, C20H22N8O5, that inhibits DNA synthesis and is used to treat psoriasis, certain cancers, and some inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. It is sometimes used in combination with misoprostol to induce abortion in early pregnancy.

[methotre- (probably shortening and alteration of methylaminopterin, one of its chemical names : methyl + aminopterin) + perhaps (o)x(y)- + -ate.]


(ˌmɛθəʊˈtrɛkseɪt; ˌmiːθəʊ-)
(Pharmacology) an antimetabolite drug used in the treatment of certain cancers. Formula: C20H22N8O5


(ˌmɛθ oʊˈtrɛk seɪt)

a toxic folic acid analogue, C20H22N8O5, that inhibits cellular reproduction and is used in the treatment of psoriasis and certain cancers.
[1950–55; metho (xy)- + trexate, of unclear derivation]
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Noun1.methotrexate - toxic antimetabolite that limits cellular reproduction by acting as an antagonist to folic acid; used to treat certain cancers and psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis
antimetabolite - an antineoplastic drug that inhibits the utilization of a metabolite


n metotrexato, metotrexate m
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The research doesn't confirm that vaccinated patients who take a break from methotrexate actually have lower rates of flu.
Medicines company Silvergate Pharmaceuticals Inc stated on Monday that it has unveiled its first and only US FDA-approved methotrexate oral solution, Xatmep.
The European Commission has granted marketing authorisation to biotechnology company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Incorporated's (NASDAQ: REGN) and global healthcare leader Sanofi's Kevzara in combination with methotrexate, it is reported today.
Our extensive RA clinical development program has demonstrated the overall efficacy and safety of XELJANZ with or without methotrexate in patients living with moderate to severe RA.
They were given methotrexate (25 mg injection deep I/M once weekly) or acitretin (0.
When administering methotrexate therapy, it is essential to remain aware of the risks and side effects of medical management.
Keywords: panniculitis, methotrexate, rheumatoid arthritis, nodulosis
This is a signal for improved efficacy with subcutaneous methotrexate, compared with oral methotrexate," said Stephanie Gottheil, MD, who reported these results at the European Congress of Rheumatology.
Complete remission of reactional state was achieved after 2 months; the methotrexate was continued for a total duration of 6 months.
Currently, Amgen is in the process of starting a trial in which the goal is to enroll 840 subjects with early PsA who are being randomized to methotrexate alone, Enbrel alone, or Enbrel plus methotrexate.
Methotrexate works by blocking the action of a key enzyme, dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), which cancer cells require to thrive.
Our clinical message is that methotrexate is overused.