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An alkoxide derived from methanol. Also called methylate.

[meth- : oxide.]
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(Elements & Compounds) a saltlike compound in which the hydrogen atom in the hydroxyl group of methanol has been replaced by a metal atom, usually an alkali metal atom as in sodium methoxide, NaOCH3. Also called: methylate
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The sodium methoxide are used widely in several applications.
Summary: The sodium methoxide are used widely in several applications.
The reaction mixture was then cooled to about 15 , and the pH was adjusted to 9-10 by the addition of 3 M sodium methoxide in methanol, with simultaneous cooling.
Fatty acids were derived based on Hernandez-Galan (2011), using chloroform and sodium methoxide. Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) were analyzed using a gas chromatograph (Agilent mod.
The extracted lipids were dried using a rotary evaporator (N-110, Tokyo Rikakikai Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan) in vacuum and converted to methyl esters by base-catalyzed trans-esterification with sodium methoxide for 2 h at 30[degrees]C [17].
(2015) and as follow: 4mL of a sodium methoxide (2%) solution were added to the fat, vortexed every 5min during 15min at room temperature, then 4mL of H2SO4: methanol solution (1:2), vortexed a few seconds and vortexed again before adding 2mL of distilled water.
In addition, besides the mechanical mixing, ultra-sonication was used to reduce the processing time and the amount of methoxide needed to perform a base catalyzed transesterification.
Sodium methoxide, methanol and acetone were purchased from Merck.
[1.sup]H NMR spectrum (Figure 3) showed signal at 3.65 ppm correlated to methoxide protons of the ester function and confirming the obtaining of the methyl ester of babassu while the triplet at 2.28 ppm is correlated to the a-methylene protons to ester.
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