Methyl green

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(Chem.) an artificial rosaniline dyestuff, obtained as a green substance having a brilliant yellow luster; - called also light-green.
(Chem.) See under Green, n.

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The presence of DOPA in the cement cells was investigated by using the nitro blue tetrazolium (NBT) redox cycling method (Paz et al., 1991) and Arnow's staining (Arnow, 1937), while the cationic dye methyl green was used to stain polyanionic macromolecules (Gabe, 1968).
Sections were counterstained with methyl green and quantified for the number of PHH3- and Tbr2-positive cells and total nuclei in the forebrain neuralepithelium using design-based stereology with Stereo-Investigator software (MicroBrightfield, V.9).