methylated spirits

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meth·yl·at·ed spirit

n. often methylated spirits
A denatured alcohol consisting of a mixture of ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol.

methylated spirits


methylated spirit

(Elements & Compounds) (functioning as singular or plural) alcohol that has been denatured by the addition of methanol and pyridine and a violet dye. Also called: metho or meths

methylated spirits

n singÄthylalkohol m, → (Brenn)spiritus m
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A Petrol B Methylated Spirits C Methodone D Paraffin 14.
He thought the small pressurised paraffinfuelled camping stove had gone out and so poured methylated spirits on it.
Over time, new problems arise such as turmeric stains on clothes from curries or health foods, yet often the solutions are very traditional - such as using methylated spirits to get rid of the yellow tinge.
Then the <i>bergies</i> go homeward after their long journey through the Cape streets, doubtless tired to the point of death, with a longing for methylated spirits, that purple fluid that they strain through bread so that it filters out white.
"That afternoon we were out at their house for a BBQ and we had a small little Bain Marie I had used to keep the food warm and underneath is a tiny little container you put methylated spirits into and light it.
Vacuuming them only goes so far - wipe them over after vacuuming, ideally with methylated spirits (or turps or white spirit), to remove any remaining sanding dust.
They usually use methylated spirits to sterilise some of their tools of trade.
Since I began practising as an optometrist, over 40 years ago, it has been standard practice to use methylated spirits to remove varifocal lens markings and price label residue from acetate and metal frames.
If cleaning doesn't remove the marks, sand them, clean with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits (or white spirit) and apply worktop oil.
"When they got to Scapa Flow some would go to a chemists to buy methylated spirits to mix with it.