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or me-too  (mē′to͞o′)
adj. Informal
Using principles, practices, or designs copied from and closely similar to those of a rival.

me′-too′er n.
me′-too′ism n.
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The need for the MeToo movement is witnessed in the swift action and condemnation against Haider's behaviour which followed after Fatema's post.
A new advertisement released by the well-known razors' company Gillette on "toxic masculinity", sexual harassment and the MeToo movement has taken the internet by storm.
He said: "Let me put it this way, in my early 20s, into my 30s, I never offended, as far as I know, any woman in the MeToo way.
As the events unfold and one closely looks into the allegations hurled by noted singer Meesha Shafi on April 19, 2018 against Pakistan's top model, actor and singer Ali Zafar, it turns out that the charges are more an attempt to gain cheap publicity and a craving to be registered in global MeToo campaign than to genuinely try to expose a harasser.
"MeToo" has become a powerful phrase, the hashtag slogan for one of the most wide-reaching popular movements of modern times.
The hashtag 'MeToo' was previously trended by 'Charmed' star Alyssa Milano as an encouragement for women to openly admit if they have been sexually assaulted or harassed.
MeToo is a new whitening line which includes both chairside whitening treatment and take- home packages.
All other conspiracy theories are just that.' Shafi lauded all the artists who dropped their LSA nominations for solidarity with her and the # MeToo movement in a Twitter thread recently.
Summary: Actress has been in the public eye for sparking the MeToo movement in India
The 'MeToo' went viral, crossing the seas to reach India with Tanushree Dutta recently taking the name of actor Nana Patekar as one who sexually tormented her.
Metoo" and Me too" ranked 8th and 9th, respectively.