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Noun1.frontal suture - the suture between two halves of the frontal bone (usually obliterated by the age of 6)frontal suture - the suture between two halves of the frontal bone (usually obliterated by the age of 6)
braincase, brainpan, cranium - the part of the skull that encloses the brain
fibrous joint, sutura, suture - an immovable joint (especially between the bones of the skull)
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In addition, atypical clinical findings including metopic suture synostosis, edema in the fundus oculi, epilepsy, and central apnea have also been described in patients carrying the p.Ser252Trp mutation (9).
There was persistent metopic suture in the frontal bone.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) Panoramic dental scan depicting enlarged inferior alveolar canal (arrow) with residual tumor mass (asterisk) and hypoplastic condylar process (chevron), (b) axial CT in bone window showingthe residual mass in alveolar margins of maxilla and mandible (arrow) and concavity of mandibular ramus (chevron), (c) axial CT scan showing apparent foramen (arrow) due to lytic erosion of mandibular cortex, (d) 3D CT scan image showing hypoplastic condylar process (chevron), apparent foramen (arrow), and tumor in maxillary alveolus (asterisk), (e) coronal CT image showing rudimentary styloid process of right side (arrow), and (f) axial CT image of sutural diastasis (chevron) and persistent metopic suture (arrow).
INTRODUCTION: Metopic suture is caused due to failure of the closure of the two halves of the frontal bone even after childhood.
It is also called the metopic suture or median frontal suture that separates the two halves of the frontal bone in the vertical plane.
"With the metopic suture, you have a chance to make a diagnosis because the shape of the head is quite characteristic.
He noted that "barely ossified and immature elements" of the hands and feet, and the wide open metopic suture, where the two frontal bones of the skull come together down the middle of the forehead.
Microcephaly had resulted from early closure of sagittal and coronal sutures and lambdoid suture while plagiocephaly resulted from early metopic suture closure.
If the metopic suture fuses too early, the brain can't expand the frontal bones, so it expands posteriorly.
INTRODUCTION: The metopic suture is a vertical suture running between the two halves of frontal bone from the anterior aspect of anterior fontanelle to nasion.
The presence or absence of the metopic suture were assigned.
SUMMARY: The metopic suture is found between the frontal bone tubers, there being divergences concerning the precise time of its closure, varying from the first to tenth year of life, and it can persist until adult age (metopism).