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1. Of, relating to, or composed in poetic meter: metrical verse; five metrical units in a line.
2. Relating to measurement.

[Middle English, from Latin metricus, from Greek metrikos, from metron, measure, poetic meter; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]

met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.metrically - with regard to metermetrically - with regard to meter; "metrically, these poems are matched"
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The metrical structure of each stanza is elaborate (differing in different poems), but metrically all the strophes and antistrophes in any given poem must be exactly identical with each other and different from the epodes.
It is assumed that [[D.sub.2]] and [[V.sub.2]] are metrical sisters since they are metrically nondistinct and that [[D.sub.1]] and [[D.sub.2] [V.sub.2]] are metrical sisters since all the intervening nodes between [[D.sub.1]] and [V[P.sub.2]] that are asymmetrically c-commanded by [[D.sub.1]] are metrically invisible.
These guidelines state that all top-level scorecard critical success factors for which the department is responsible must link metrically to lower-level cards.
Measurement and analysis of tactical battlefield features requires the generation of metrically accurate terrain-elevation databases at higher resolution than the standard 90- and 30-meter data available from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).
That, for metrically challenged Americans, is 2.2 lbs.
The melodies played by the bonang panembung or the kempul and kenong are thus "abstractions" of the balungan, doubling those pitches that fall at metrically important points in the hierarchy.
Her relatively long lines retain a trace element of formalism: repetitions, near rhymes and metrically suggestive rhythms like the sorrowful, syncopated pentameter that ends "A Map of the Twentieth Century": "Some of the dead are too useful for sympathy/ The past we own exists on stone and white paper."
chapter gives proper significance to important figures such as Denis Florence McCarthy and the eloquent, metrically expert Edward Walsh.
That is, make a plan that will help your mathematics program measure up metrically!
The skull was analyzed metrically to determine the age, race, and sex of the victim.
The complex qin notation, though unusually specific in its pitch and technical indications, is metrically rather subjective: in the absence of explicit metrical markers, clues are provided by players' experience of natural rhythms for plucking and fingering figurations.
As a result, it is now almost impossible to reconstruct the passage in a way that is both coherent and metrically satisfactory, but perhaps Marston intended something like the following: