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This decrease followed a flat trend during the preceding period in micropolitan and large central metropolitan county groups; in contrast, the decrease continued previous downward trends in the other four county groups.
Census regions, the prevalence of obesity was significantly higher among non-metropolitan versus metropolitan county residents, with the largest absolute difference in the South and Northeast (5.6 and 5.4 percent, respectively).
The City of Birmingham took over responsibility again in 1960 and in April 1974, the newlyformed West Midlands Metropolitan County Council took over the airport.
"Nairobi is a metropolitan county which has no room for tribalism.
The WMCA as an administrative area was established in 1974 and abolished in 1985 as the West Midlands Metropolitan County. It was a political creation which took then largely Labour areas out of the Conservative shires.
When the equally unloved West Midlands Metropolitan County Council was abolished, Sir Humphrey carefully drafted the Bill to give Whitehall a very wide remit on how the powers of that local authority could be redistributed.
This was more than for any other road, apart from motorways or A roads, in the metropolitan county and is also the most for any minor road in the whole of the West Midlands' region.
If the order takes effect it will also revoke certain items in the Urban District Council of Colne Valley - Colne Valley (Restricted Roads) (No.1) Order 1966 and the West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council (Speed Limit) (No.6) Order 1979 and Kirklees Metropolitan Council (Speed Limit) (No.58) Order 2006 in their entirety.
In the life satisfaction league table, Eilean Siar, Orkney & Shetland ranked top with 8.10 out of 10, with Thurrock in Essex and West Midlands Metropolitan County bottom out of 142, with 7.09.
JWT Holdings, based in Atherton, in the Greater Manchester metropolitan county, employs 45 people and handles around 70,000 tonnes of material a year.

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