mezza voce

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mez·za vo·ce

 (mĕt′sə vō′chā, mĕd′zə, mĕz′ə)
adv. & adj. Music
With moderate volume or in a subdued tone. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian : mezza, half + voce, voice.]

mezza voce

(ˈmɛtsə ˈvəʊtʃɪ; Italian ˈmɛddza ˈvotʃe)
(Music, other) music (in singing) softly; quietly
[Italian, literally: half voice]

mez•za vo•ce

(ˈmɛt sə ˈvoʊ tʃeɪ, ˈmɛd zə, ˈmɛz ə)
adv., adj.
with half the power of the voice (used as a musical direction). Abbr.: m.v.
[1765–75; < Italian]
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He is also capable of mezza voce (half-voiced singing), giving his tone quality the proper chiaroscuro (dark and light shades).
They indicate to these latter the mechanism to practice [suivre] to increase the range of the chest register; they permit the piano and mezza voce use of this register in the high tones and thus the dispensation of the excessive use of the falsetto tones; finally, they facilitate the union of the registers, etc.
This leading tenor's multifaceted voice is appreciated for its versatile colours especially in soft and mezza voce singing as well as for its powerful galvanising quality at full volume.
Her mezza voce is as focused and arresting as ever; the proper realization of the appoggio, even now, manifesting within that vocal register.
Por su parte, la Gavrilova mostro su buena escuela, el manejo por demas adecuado de la mezza voce y, afortunadamente dado el repertorio escogido, unos pianisimos realmente deliciosos que, mas tarde leyendo el programa de mano, nos enteramos de que el New York Times califico de "sorprendentes".
Now, however, a piece of health and safety legislation from the lads and lasses at EU HQ is recommending orchestras play a little more quietly (or mezza voce, as they might say) to protect the players' hearing.
Though he fears a measure of abstention and an erosion of his electorate due to the entry into the fray of the dissident "PRO EUROPE" group, the DISY candidate remains confident of his fate, indicating Mezza voce that "the latest polls are good, I stand a good chance of going to Strasbourg".
Moreover, the critic's ear is keenly sensitive to rhetorical strategies, be they the deliberately provocative first-person singular of haft in the preface to Mes Haines or a sincerer argument against the death penalty ('N'est-ce pas deja, mezza voce, et dans la discretion d'une correspondance privee, la coupe de J'Accuse .
LH: Someone, writing about you, mentioned that when you sing Kundry you have an incredible mezza voce.