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A curved steel blade, often with a vertical handle at each end, used to chop food.

[Italian, crescent, mezzaluna : mezza, feminine of mezzo, half (from Latin medius; see medhyo- in Indo-European roots) + luna, moon (from Latin lūna; see leuk- in Indo-European roots).]
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(Cookery) a kitchen chopper shaped like a half-moon and having a handle at each end
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Meet our chefs and sample their signature dishes at the pop up restaurant stands of BBQ Al Qasr, Hakkasan, Le Vendome, Mawal, Mezzaluna, Mezlai and Sayad followed by decadent confections prepared exclusively for the evening by our Executive Pastry Chef.
Mezzaluna Half Moon Herb Chopper and Board Set, Lakeland PS10.99
Give moms who love to cook as much as they love to garden an assortment of herbs, a mezzaluna and a new cookbook specializing in her favorite cuisine.
The highest accolade was two stars, which went to three establishments -- the progressive Indian restaurant Gaggan, Le Normandie, which opened at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok in 1958, and Mezzaluna at Lebua Hotel.
From Australia, Edwina Tops-Alexander will be seen in action on her two horses -- Inca Boy van T Vianahof and Mezzaluna Tok.
Using a mezzaluna or chef's knife, mince the leaves until they become paste-like.
Other dishes that proved a hit included the Panang chicken curry (PS11), served with basmati rice naan bread, and the wild mushroom mezzaluna pasta (PS10), where the pasta was filled with forest mushrooms and truffle flavour oil and tossed in a mushroom sauce.
Caption: Beraamaschi & Vimercati Spa: First-time exhibitor Bergamaschi & Vimercati Spa brought its fun Vice Versa brand to the show, which included the Shy mezzaluna, an herb chopper with handles that easily swivel open to use, and then back to cover the blade and be stored away.
He then mastered classic French cooking at Gazebo CafAaAaAeA@ a went on to La Vieille Maison and Mezzaluna with Chef Pierre Viau.
At the Guest House, the cocktail fare served before the dinner reception was a creative culinary hybrid of Filipino and Japanese cuisines: roast Bacolod-style lechon with sake and nori infusion you could have with mini pan de sal and pita pockets, made sweet with a mustard of Philippine fruits and wasabi, and sake liver sauce; Japanese chilled soba with Capiz scallops, ikura, nori threads and roasted sesame seeds; fried sukiyaki noodles and smoked bangus tinapa lumpia cylinders with Ilocos vinegar dipping; panko-crusted zucchine mezzaluna, chorizo panna cotta, togarashi dust; a selection of sashimi and maki-sustainable Philippine tuna, Pangasinan mangoes and tuna, pechay-wrapped adobo, adobo flakes, Alaminos taba ng talangka.
Restaurants La Vendome, Mezzaluna, BBQ Al Qasr, Hakkasan, Le Cafe, Mezlai, Sadaf and Havana will have individual food stations where guests can sample signature dishes from the restaurants' menu.
The mezzaluna shape -- a first in Rana's product line -- allows for a generous amount of filling.