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 (mĕt′sō, mĕd′zō, mĕz′ō)
n. pl. mez·zos
A mezzo-soprano.


(ˈmɛtsəʊ) music
(Classical Music) moderately; quite: mezzo forte; mezzo piano.
n, pl -zos
(Music, other) See mezzo-soprano1
[C19: from Italian, literally: half, from Latin medius middle]


(ˈmɛt soʊ, ˈmɛd zoʊ, ˈmɛz oʊ)

n., pl. -zos.
a mezzo-soprano.
[1805–15; < Italian < Latin medius middle]
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Noun1.mezzo - a soprano with a voice between soprano and contraltomezzo - a soprano with a voice between soprano and contralto
soprano - a female singer
2.mezzo - the female singing voice between contralto and soprano
singing voice - the musical quality of the voice while singing
mezzo soprano


(ˈmetsou) mezzo-soprano (metsousəˈpraːnou) plurals ˈmezzos, ~ˌmezzo-soˈpranos noun
(a person having) a singing voice between soprano and alto.
References in classic literature ?
Long after I had thought never to read it--in fact when I was 'nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita'--I read Milton's "Paradise Lost," and found in it a majestic beauty that justified to me the fame it wears, and eclipsed the worth of those lesser poems which I had ignorantly accounted his worthiest.
You know how imperfectly the women of the mezzo cito are educated in Italy?
Mezzo soprano Kitty Whately will perform in the region on Saturday
This year, ArtistShare[R] submits the following artists to the 59th Grammy[R] Awards in numerous categories: Robin Eubanks and The Mass Line Big Band for More than Meets the Ear, The Clayton Brothers for Soul Brothers, Benjamin Koppel and Joe Lovano for The Mezzo Saxophone Encounter, Rale Micic, John Abercrombie, Peter Bernstein, and Lage Lund for Inspired, and Gonzalo Grau for Pluralizate.
The mezzo soprano, who has never sung a full opera in one concert before, will appear at the festival for the first time since 2010.
The 20 finalists for BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2015 include Celine <B Forrest, a mezzo soprano from Wales
Recital Featuring Mezzo soprano Virginia Bailey mezzo soprano; Larry Picard, piano, Lucy Colwell, French horn, James Joinville, tenor, Michael Spencer, trumpet, and Chris Glanville, trombone.
The choir will be joined for the evening by Warwickshire Symphony Orchestra, the Studiosi Cantandi choir from Berlin and mezzo soprano Maggie McDonald.
Other singers generated more of a spark with the audience, but it was the American mezzo soprano Jamie Barton who swayed the judges to be named winner, the first woman to win both this event and the accompanying Song Prize and only the second contestant ever to do so.
Propose the coaching theory of the lifesaving race in coaching theory, the goal of coaching, coaching contents for every mezzo cycle, coaching materials and coaching program which was described in the process of coaching.
Though the notion of four main categories of voice (soprano, contralto, tenor, bass) may have reigned at various points in history, the six-category model (soprano, mezzo soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, bass) has been more popular among pedagogues of late, and scientific advances have justified such divisions.
That Golden Age saw Silay City-born mezzo soprano Conchita Gaston singing the Bizet opera at the New York City Opera in December of 1950, the first Filipino to sing the role.