mezzo forte

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mezzo for·te

adv. & adj. Abbr. mf Music
Moderately loud. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian : mezzo, half + forte, loud.]

mez′zo for′te

(ˈfɔr teɪ)
adj., adv.
Music. softer than forte but louder than piano; moderately loud.
[1805–15; < Italian: literally, half loud]

mezzo forte

moderately loud
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The second violin plays mezzo forte while everyone else plays piano-, then the viola plays mezzo forte while everyone else plays piano, and so on.
As Gerald Strang pointed out in his 1968 catalogue essay, music composition can be a lot like computer programming: "If I write a series of notes and I say this passage is to be played mezzo forte by the oboe, with certain particular kinds of attacks and certain phrasing .
Mezzo forte had been achieved con amore and we continued our crescendo to the main course.
However, there was a noticeable wobble in his voice, and it seemed as though the only dynamics he could muster were mezzo forte and forte.
And in this area, I think, the Singers could have brought more tonal variety and dynamic contrast to certain choruses, at least in the oratorio's first part: Too often in that half, the choral sound, movement-to-movement, was homogenous and dynamics rarely sounded less than mezzo forte.
I doubt the musicians were playing in a range constantly between mezzo forte and forte.
This was a performance full of life and energy though if there was one slight reservation,it was that the choral movements tended to be constant mezzo forte, with little variation.