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 (mī-ăz′mə, mē-)
n. pl. mi·as·mas or mi·as·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
1. A noxious atmosphere or influence: "The family affection, the family expectations, seemed to permeate the atmosphere ... like a coiling miasma" (Louis Auchincloss).
a. A foul-smelling vapor arising from rotting organic matter, formerly thought to cause disease.
b. A thick vaporous atmosphere or emanation: wreathed in a miasma of cigarette smoke.

[Greek, pollution, stain, from miainein, to pollute.]

mi·as′mal, mi′as·mat′ic (mī′əz-măt′ĭk), mi·as′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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But now it was night, and all the miasmatic ravine about me was black; and beyond, instead of a green, sunlit slope, I saw a red fire, before which hunched, grotesque figures moved to and fro.
Rank reeds and lush, slimy water-plants sent an odour of decay and a heavy miasmatic vapour onto our faces, while a false step plunged us more than once thigh-deep into the dark, quivering mire, which shook for yards in soft undulations around our feet.
As a visual and olfactory mode of detecting circulating disease, miasmatic sensory logics were incorporated into germ discoveries to create what David Barnes (2006) names as a public "sanitary-bacteriological-synthesis," allowing miasma to retain cultural resonance despite obsolete scientific underpinnings.
There was talk about using these miasmatic remedies as intercurrent remedies--in other words, in between the so-called constitutional remedy.
This has proved out to be pivotal in the history of Africana psychology and personality as transformational, multidimensional and multiracial models ensconced in ADP's reaction to miasmatic ecology could not have ruled as they have since 1970-present if biogenetically based theory were considered worthy of investigation by psychological workers en masse without unwarranted prejudice, a prejudice promulgated forcefully by Cross which falsified them based on a lie.
At a time when miasmatic explanations attributed epidemics to the emissions of fetid marshes and to decaying organic matter, De la Rosa strove to clear swamps, garbage dumps, and slaughterhouses from downtown San Juan.
In many happy cases--humoristic medicine, miasmatic theories of disease, bloodletting, and animal magnetism--science has swept away theories that were well established despite being nonsense.
it is exposed to miasmatic evaporations, shut up in a narrow street, its home is damp and cold, its food poor and badly cooked: in a few months, from the force of these circumstances, the Hebe-looking child has become pallid."
-from humoral imbalance to miasmatic to contagion and ultimately germ theories of disease
No one escapes the fatal human defect of hamartia--the word the Greeks used for a protagonist's miasmatic flaw--which results from ignorance or wrongdoing.
Some other embryonal neoplasms are less well defined, particularly those constituting the miasmatic category of "CNS-primitive neuroectodermal tumors.
Sawyer, wrote of the proposed school site, "That the portion of the city chosen is, and has been more subject to miasmatic and symotic (sic) disease, especially among children than any other offered, or that could be selected." Dr.