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Any of a group of chemically and physically related aluminum silicate minerals, common in igneous and metamorphic rocks, characteristically splitting into flexible sheets used in insulation and electrical equipment.

[Latin mīca, grain (perhaps influenced by micāre, to flash).]

mi·ca′ceous (-kā′shəs) adj.
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Adj.1.micaceous - hydrous silicates of or relating to or resembling mica
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The rock, also, being micaceous slate, there was no beach, but the steep sides dipped directly beneath the water.
The scalp dermatitis it causes "often has a little finer scale than the thick micaceous scale we see in psoriasis," she noted.
In particular, the use of lamellar (flat) pigment particles, such as leafing aluminum flake and micaceous iron oxide, work well to decrease coating permeability (Figure 2).
An exhibition focusing on Jicarilla Apache basketry, micaceous pottery, and beadwork.
Leigh's products, including the bread-and-butter offerings of zinc rich primers, intermediates of micaceous iron oxide and PU-based top coats, remain popular.
Micaceous Iron Oxide: A Unique Pigment for Decorative and Protective Coatings--Michael Klinar, KMI
Metal products such as legs of stools can be coated with paint with anti-corrosion properties such as micaceous iron oxide.
The clay-slate is intersected by a vein of micaceous limestone, which first appears in the bed of the river Poe; then passing near Newtown-Stewart and crossing the Munterlowney mountains, it terminates near the village of Dunamanagh, in the northern extremity ofthe county.
Micaceous iron oxide (MIO), (12) aluminum flack, (12-13) and glass flake (10) are some examples of barrier pigments which can limit the corrosive electrolyte diffusion into the coating through filling the voids and defects and increasing the electrolyte pathways.
Annular psoriasis is characterized by ring-shaped patches with white micaceous scaling and central clearing.
The area is located on the eastern side of Manora Channel and characterized by long stretch of sandy micaceous beach extending upto Gizri Creek.