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1. A submicroscopic aggregation of molecules, as a droplet in a colloidal system.
2. An organic particle of colloidal size found in coal.
3. A coherent strand or structure in natural or synthetic fibers.

[New Latin mīcella, from Latin mīca, grain.]

mi·cel′lar (-sĕl′ər) adj.
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(mɪˈsɛl) or




(Chemistry) chem
a. a charged aggregate of molecules of colloidal size in a solution
b. any molecular aggregate of colloidal size, such as a particle found in coal
[C19: from New Latin micella, diminutive of Latin mīca crumb]
miˈcellar adj
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1. an electrically charged colloidal particle formed by an aggregate of molecules.
2. an organized structural unit composed of such particles.
[1880–85; < German Micell (1877) < Latin mīc(a) crumb, grain + -ella -elle]
mi•cel′lar, adj.
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Noun1.micelle - an electrically charged particle built up from polymeric molecules or ions and occurring in certain colloidal electrolytic solutions like soaps and detergentsmicelle - an electrically charged particle built up from polymeric molecules or ions and occurring in certain colloidal electrolytic solutions like soaps and detergents
subatomic particle, particle - a body having finite mass and internal structure but negligible dimensions
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In ONM-500, the company leverages its proprietary pH-sensitive micelle technology to deliver antigens while activating innate immunity for the treatment of cancers caused by the human papilloma virus.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 27 (ANI): Strides Pharma Science Ltd said on Tuesday that its step-down subsidiary Strides Pharma Inc has acquired a manufacturing facility in Florida from Micelle BioPharma Inc.
For the rest of my face, I use the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Make-up Removing Micelle Solution.
TX 100 was chosen as surfactant to form micelles. TX 100 is a nonionic surfactant that forms micelles at very low concentration (cmc-critical micelle concentration of 0.24 mM in water) [22], AOT was chosen as surfactant to form reverse micelles.
However, the original values of the micelle size were not used, rather the estimated residue was obtained using a model of linear regression, with the average CMS as a dependent variable and % [[alpha].sub.s]-CN and % [kappa]-CN as independent variables.
Casein micelle is a fragile and dynamic structure which can be represented better by an ensemble of interconverting states than by an average state.
Loving father of Kelli (Joseph Micelle) Sandford and Cassandra (Scott) Rodgers.
where [K.sub.SV] is the Stern-Volmer constant, K is the quenching binding constant given by the ratio of [k.sub.+]/[k.sub.-], rate constants for exit ([k.sub.-)] and entry ([k.sub.+)] of the quencher from the micelle, the pseudo-unimolecular rate constant ([k.sub.q)] for intramicellar quenching, T0 is the fluorescence lifetime of the probe in the absence of quencher.
in their review concluded that for nano drug delivery, micelle with polymeric base is ideal nano carrier.
Polymers with hydrophobic micro blocks are conventionally prepared via micelle polymerization.
The objective of this study was to develop a mixed micelle delivery system by using Soluplus and TPGS, which could solubilize curcumin in vitro to reach the clinically relevant concentration and deliver the drug in a controlled manner.
When the thickener is exposed to aqueous solution, the surfactant molecules are released and diffused rapidly under the influence of polar substances and aggregated to form wormlike micelles. The equilibrium system and micelle charge of the special organic ions make the micelles grow.