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n. Abbr. miRNA
Any of various short, single-stranded RNA molecules that regulate gene expression by binding to messenger RNA molecules, usually in untranslated regions.
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This research demonstrates the tremendous potential of microRNAs as effective biomarkers, and is a significant step towards the development of the first microRNA-based diagnostic tests.
Under the terms of the collaboration, Rosetta will use its microRNA discovery expertise to pinpoint microRNAs involved in dystrophy diseases.
The study uses lung cancer cells to show that the vesicles contain potent regulatory molecules called microRNA, and that the uptake of these molecules by immune cells alters their behaviour.
Previous work has shown that the p53 protein turns on production of a long RNA molecule that gets chopped into a particular microRNA.
We are constantly expanding our pipeline with new diagnostic and therapeutic programs, both cancer and non-cancer related, in order to maximize our leading position in microRNA intellectual property and proprietary technologies," noted Amir Avniel, President and CEO of Rosetta Genomics.
According to Regulus, microRNA biomarkers may create opportunities for the development of companion diagnostics for its therapeutic candidates, including its programme that targets microRNA-21 for kidney fibrosis, as well as any medicines developed by other groups.
The answer for neural cell differentiation in the microRNA-deficient cells turned out to be simple: a single microRNA or a single protein.
Given that the pathogenesis of some diseases involves under or overexpression of microRNAs (Table 1), the evaluation of microRNA expression may be used in therapeutic planning.
According to the company, the application '185 claims hsa-miR-146-5p, its complement and a sequence at least 95% identical to it, as well as a probe and a vector comprising this microRNA.
United States MicroRNA Research Tools, Diagnostics and Therapeutics Industry 2016 Market Research Report" is a comprehensive regional analysis of one of the most promising emerging markets in the world.