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n. Abbr. miRNA
Any of various short, single-stranded RNA molecules that regulate gene expression by binding to messenger RNA molecules, usually in untranslated regions.
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One such novel player within the domain of aging is the microRNA. MicroRNAs are single stranded, bijou (18-25 nucleotides in length), non-protein-coding RNAs that negatively operate the process of gene expression by modifying post-transcriptional targets on messenger RNA.2 They embrace 1-5% of the human genome.3 Harries (2014) has comprehensively reviewed the role of microRNA, affecting the nine major determinants of aging; 1) Genomic Alterations: Our genome has highly conserved DNA maintenance mechanisms which preserves the integrity of DNA from exogenous and endogenous insults.
Other genes also could be targets for this microRNA, since these molecular regulators typically target more than one gene.
M2 PHARMA-April 20, 2018-InteRNA microRNA Candidate INT-1B3 Causes Immune-System Activation, Tumor Regression, and Long Term Immunity
The aim of this preliminary study based on a small cohort of ONIHL was to compare the serum expression profiles of microRNAs between ONIHL subjects and controls using microRNA microarray assay.
For clinical application, gene replacement therapy with microRNA mimics met many obstacles: the instability of therapeutic molecules, nonspecific inflammation, controlled release of therapeutic molecules, specificity and efficiency of the delivery systems [53].
Deregulation of microRNA expression has also been associated with GDM; thus, these molecules could represent potential early diagnostic biomarkers, due to their high stability in body fluids and their accessibility from maternal blood throughout gestation [15].
The companys product categories include microRNA research, incRNA research, mRNA research, DNA research, custom oligos and other reagent products.
Given that the pathogenesis of some diseases involves under or overexpression of microRNAs (Table 1), the evaluation of microRNA expression may be used in therapeutic planning.
According to the company, the application '185 claims hsa-miR-146-5p, its complement and a sequence at least 95% identical to it, as well as a probe and a vector comprising this microRNA.
Although most research on EBV has focused on EBV-infected B lymphocytes which harbor the latent viral genome, in fact, much of the immunopathology related to viral infection may occur due to effects on bystander cells through a variety of mechanisms including viral-encoded microRNA [5,6].