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A unit of electric current equal to one millionth of an ampere.


(Units) a millionth of an ampere


(ˌmaɪ kroʊˈæm pɪər, -æmˈpɪər)

a unit of electric current, equal to one millionth of an ampere.
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When putting the DC voltage on the 2,4 store pool of the chip, respectively, we could meter the microampere level currents.
This new boost controller has a 3.0 microampere (muA) quiescent current when in sleep mode, allowing power consumption to be minimized.
When cooled to 1.5 kelvins, the device carries surprisingly large currents -- as high as 1 microampere -- that cross the junction through an area barely the size of an atom.
Current levels of the CES device, which range from 100 to 500 microamperes ([micro]A), were adjusted following the manufacturer's recommendations to a comfortable level just below where vertigo is experienced, usually in the 200-300 microampere range.
The device maximizes battery life by holding power dissipation to as low as typical 1 microampere (1uA) in Standby mode.
Contract awarded for 50 rechargeable batteries 12 volts and 5 amps black color, 914 123a batteries, lithium cylindrical 3-volt, 1,374 batteries cr-2032 3-volt lithium 1 microampere.
He now reports that "there is indeed a current in the microampere range that is consistently running through the plant day and night.' To see how important this current may be to the development of plants, he is now raising a crop of sunflowers, some of which have been electrically grounded.
This lowers current consumption during P/E operations to a mere 98 A (microampere: 1 millionth of an ampere), which translates into a rewrite energy of 0.07 mJ/8 KB.
Very minute currents (in the microampere range) produced naturally in bone and connective tissue appear to play an important role in maintaining the health of those tissues.
In addition, Epson's low-leak process and power circuit technology limit current consumption in Sleep mode to 0.15 microampere, regardless of voltage.
The open-circuit voltage and the short-circuit current are 1.02 volts and 1.27 microamperes, respectively.
Second, AEC sensors are characterized by an output signal that, ranging from a few nanoamperes to several microamperes, imposes conflicting requirements on the current voltage digitalization circuit--a high gain design can sense low gas concentrations but may saturate, while a low gain circuit suffers from reduced resolution but possesses a wider dynamic range.